Women Fashion Fit Issues: What NOT to Wear

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Have you ever noticed when you go into a department store or a specialty store that all the mannequins look awesome in the latest and greatest fashions?  No matter what the top is or what the pant is, those ladies always look like divas.  I am going to let you in on a retail shop secret...they do it by using pins to pull the garment taught and weave a long needle type pin through the  fabric to give it that, "this fit is great!" look.  I am going to tell you how YOU can make it look great on your body, too!  No need to go get the straight pins.

First thing you have to do is recognize what type of body shape you have.  When asked, "What type of fit issues do you have with your pants?"  You should know the answer to that.  Are they tight in the waist if they fit everywhere else?  Do they get baggy on the back of the thighs if they fit in the waist?  If they fit in the hips, do they gape open around the waist?  If you are a one in a million kind of woman, your pants fit pretty well all around...waist, hips, and thighs.  The fact of the matter is, most all women have some sort of issues when it comes to finding clothes that fit properly.  Don't give up!  It might take a little longer, but once you find the shapes and silhouettes that suit your body, you'll never look back because ill fitting clothes can and will most definitely make anyone look shorter, wider, thicker, and stumpier.  Who wants that?  Based off your answer to the question, "What kind of fit issues do you have with your clothing?", determine your body type from the below mentioned.  Once you know your body type, you'll know the cuts of clothing to absolutely stay away from.

For the apple-shaped body:  If this is you, you have straight hips, meaning, there is not much of a difference between your waist and your hips.

  • Stay away from empire waisted tops!!!  All this will do is accentuate your mid section and make it appear than it already is.  Unless your pregnant, this is never a good look.
  • You will absolutely have to try on, try on, and try on more pants.  Do not buy pants that fit your legs if they don't also fit your waist.  This phenomenon is affectionately known as a "muffin-top".  It will and can also make your midsection be the center of attention in all its glory as it flaps out over the top of your pants.
  • Say "no" to the spaghetti straps.  Generally speaking, women with an apple body shape have somewhat broader shoulders.  Spaghetti straps with again enhance this fact and make your body look like an upside down triangle.
  • A trouser style pant may not be the pant for you.  Although a trouser style pant gives the illusion of longer leaner leg, they can get saggy on the legs of an apple-shaped body.  Saggy=sloppy.

The pear-shaped body:  This body type is essentially the complete opposite of the apple body.  Women with a pear-shape their body have fuller hips and a smaller upper body, proportionately speaking.

  • Get rid of the skinny jeans.  Now.  Don't turn back.  The idea of a skinny jean is a great one...just not great for the pear bodied woman.  Your hips are beautiful and curvy just as they are.  Don't add two sizes to them by wearing these jeans.
  • When purchasing tops, never buy a shirt that is shorter than the mid-line of your hips.  If your shirt is too short, your bottom half looks larger.  If your shirt is too long, your bottom half still looks larger.
  • Make sure your pants fit over your backside.  Nobody should be able to tell what color underwear you have on because you have a gigantic gape in the waist of your pants.
  • Make sure your tops fit at the top AND the bottom.  Don't buy that cute sexy shirt that makes your boobs look great if it pulls at the seam around your hips.  You just lost your sex appeal.
  • On the reverse side of that, don't buy that amazing blouse that sits perfectly over your shapely hips, but is sliding off your shoulders.  It is simply sloppy and everyone will think so.

This is for all women:  Make sure your clothes fit!  If you are tall, wear tall pants.  If you're petite, wear petite clothes.  No matter what, if your clothes don't fit properly, you look like you don't care about yourself, and if YOU don't care, it will be harder for other people to.

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