Why Do Girls Love Gucci Shoes and Handbags?

The unmatched quality and design of Gucci is well known through out the world. Gucci is a brand that shouts craftsmanship and style. Girls and women all over the world love Gucci and proud to wear the brand in all types of social situations. This well k

Ah Gucci. One of the most recognizable designer brands in the world. Just what is it the girls love so much about Gucci products?

First let's look at a little background . Gucci was founded in 1920 by Guccio Gucci Who was an immigrant from Florence Italy to Paris and London. He worked in exclusive hotels and was taken aback by the luxurious luggage that guest had.When he returned home to Florence, Gucci set up shop in 1920 and began work on what was to become one of foremost brands in the world.The leather workers that were intitally employed by Gucci were very attentive to details and before long he was gain a reputation of producing quality products which were handbags, shoes, wallets and other accessories.

The Gucci Logo Was actually designed by one of Guccio Gucci's six children in 1933. This logo was to become the symbol of one of the most sought after designer brands in the world..

 Now on to why girls love Gucci. This brand is renowned for luxury and craftsmanship.. The style and the ever evolving marketing strategies are sure to capture the attention of fashonista's both young and old. Exquisite leather shoes and handbags along with luggage, jewelry and sunglasses are just the beginning of the Gucci line. Fine articles of clothing, Cologne and perfumes and even a children's line are available for the consumers shopping delight.

The Gucci girl can even purchase a care with the trademark Gucci logo.The Italian car company Fiat has teamed up with Gucci to put out the Fiat 500 Which displays the famous Gucci logo on the wheels and Gucci's signature Red and green stripe down the side of the car. This is not the first time a car company has partnered with Gucci. In 1979 Cadillac put out the special edition Seville that was designed by one of Guccio Gucci's sons, Dr Aldo Gucci. The Gucci Seville was adorned with the Gucci Logo hood ornament and the logo was also on the wheels.

 Just think. You ride up in your Gucci edition vehicle and step out of it wearing your lovely Gucci shoes while carrying a beautiful matching hand bag that goes oh so well with the trendy Gucci dress you have on. Then you have topped off the look with a fabulous Gucci horse-bit necklace with a diamond pendant.  Wow! does that say it all or what!

So Why do girls love Gucci? Well because it is the the symbol of quality and opulance coupled with style and good taste. And it looks great on us. why else?

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