Whats in Style for Guys Aka Swag Report

This is a style update for males ages 21-29 living in major cities in the states of California and Georgia. Remember, you heard it here first.

This is the style going on for Spring 2011 in the States of California and Georgia. Specifically, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Look out for these upcoming trends, because they will be showing up very soon. Also, remember I told you first. All guys should start getting rid of that stuff that’s going out of style, cause in a while you’re not going to want to be caught with and or around these things. This is for Heterosexual males ages 21-29 living in major cities. Things of the year to avoid: John Deere Hats, Unkempt hair, and weird colored jeans.


Going out of Style: April

- Blackberry

- Alternative Rock

- Vans (Shoes)

- Sweatshirt (multiple colors, patterns and styles)

- Ed Hardy

- V-neck white tee

- Skinny Jeans (Levi’s Black and Grey)

- Hats (Pro sports teams)

- Aviators

- Toyota Prius (Fuel Economy)

- Lady GaGa (The Fame Monster)

- French Accents

- Lipton Tea

- NFL Lockout

- Beats By Dre

- Screwdriver (OJ and Vodka)

- Corona 

- Taco Bell (They are open late and the $5 Box really rocks)


Hot and already in Style: May

- iPhone 4 (New Apps have been released)

- Chick R&B, Pop (ex. Britney Spears, Rihanna)

- Sandals and Man Uggs (Rainbows)

- Pea coats (Black and blue avoid the ones with zippers)

- Plaid Shirts with collars (Sleeves rolled up)

- H&M (They have great deals on everything)

- Plaid shorts (Separately, not with plaid shirts)

- Short Cropped Hair

- Ray Bans, Wayfarer (in an assortment of colors)

- Range Rover Black on Black (Window tinting)

- Kings Of Leon (Because of the Times)

- British Accents

- French Roast

- Final Four Basketball (Who do you have winning?)

- Bose QC15 (Great for planes)

- Stella Artois 

- Chipotle (Fast food Mexican, spicy and delicious)


Coming Into Style: June

- Android (These phones are faster and anyone can develop apps)

- Remix of Chick R&B, Pop with Techno Beats

- Nikes/ Converse (White and clean)

- Argile Sweaters (put collared shirt underneath)

- Vintage Collared Shirts

- Polo Ralph Lauren

- College Gear Sweats (Your college high school or team)

- Styled Hair (feathered)

- Oakley’s

- Audi A4 (Get the optional lights)

- Arcade Fire (The Suburbs) Grammy 2011 album of the year

- Italian Accents

- Kona Coffee 

- NBA Playoffs (East vs West) 

- SkullCandy Headphones (you can even get them Kobe customized)

- Modelo Especial (the negro is even better)

- 5 guys (they make a mean burger, some say its comparable to In-N-Out burger)



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