Walmart Shoppers Save a Bundle

Shopping at Walmart will help you get quality products at unbeatable price. The saving opportunities are great and the quality and variety is sure to convince you to become a regular Walmart shopper. It is worth your while to check out all the opportunities to save on items from food to clothing and even Pharmaceuticals. You will be glad you did.

Attention Walmart shoppers and future Walmart shoppers. Did you Know that Walmart has a great policy that can help you save even more money then you ever thought you could? It is called price matching. If you have an ad that shows any item that you want to purchase at Walmart that is cheaper at another store, Walmart will match the advertised price of the other store. Just bring the add in with you and show it to the cashier when you check out with the item. The lower price will be honored. The item must be the exact Item that is shown in the other retailers advertisement. Make sure you show the Cashier the add before the item is rung up.

Another great opportunity to save money at Walmart is by purchasing their generic store brand items. You can get the generic brand discounts on everything from food, household items, tools to pharmaceuticals, toys and clothing.The Walmart store brand is less expensive then the name brands and you still get the quality that you want.

 Remember to look for Walmart clearance items. You can save even more when you shop. There are locations in the store where you will find many items marked down for clearance or for Season end sales. The mark down prices can save you quite a bit when your on a budget. If you are looking for a specific item, It would be smart to check out the clearance isles  before purchasing it. It is also a good idea to watch for Walmarts "Roll Back" pricing and to check out their sale ads. You will be surprised and the savings you can find.

Another cool way to save money at Walmart is to use manufacture coupons. You can even use the coupons with "Roll Back" prices and with the above mentioned price match guarantee. Walmart even will pay overage so you could end up getting paid for making the purchase. Walmart will honor manufacture coupons that read "manufacturer coupon across the top  and that have an expiration date as well as a scannable bar-code. Walmart will not accept coupons that require no purchase.

 At Walmart you can shop for the variety and quality that you want and stay within your budget. So it's time for a guilt free shopping excursion so hop in the car and go get those big savings!


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