Valentino: The Last Emperor Film Review

a review of the film.

Valentino has been the head designer of the fashion industry for many years. "Valentino the Last Emperor" followed the icon and came into his extravagant and busy world in 2007. The film begins with the designer's runway show in Paris, France. Then they showed the designer on a plane with his party and 5 dogs.These dogs are so spoiled they at first got their own seats on the plane, and they even get to wear diamond jewelry.

The viewer goes home with the iconic designer where the audience can see what goes into creating a couture dress. Each Valentino creation is hand stitched by his team of seamstresses. Valentino's often controlling and turbulent personality comes through but his genius was also clearly seen in the film as well. He even appears angry at times that he is the subject of this documentary, and that the cameras are following him everywhere one day during a moment of stress and aggravation.

The film explores Valentino's attraction to fashion, and in particular, old Hollywood as a young man growing up loving all things that are beautiful in the world. This inspiration was very much reflected in his current designs of the day. The film tells the story of how he met his business partner who is also his romantic partner in his professional and private life. Their road of life together has been over 50 years together.

This documentary is the journey that it takes to create his collection for his 2007 runway show. The documentary does begin at the fashion show, but the bulk of the film is the year long road taken before that very important point. Every detail of a dress is analyzed, and often redone several times over until he believes it be perfect as he had envisioned.

The film takes you into the business side of the company, and all of the many people who run it behind the scenes. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes the same to run a successful fashion company. The film not only shows what it takes to make the gowns perfect and ready, but also the design and creation of all the other elements that go along with the development of a high end fashion show. Every aspect is about art and the creation of art--living art itself. Valentino is a genius, but he is a complex and at times he is portrayed as dramatic even by the person closest to him in life.


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