Who Is Tobi? The Real Truth About Tobi

There has been a great hype and discussion about the true identity and the whereabouts of Tobi. Tobi is the masked man who is the only surviving member of Akatsuki and refers to himself as Nobody. He has some very special powers Space Time Teleportation is one of them. Although he was not seen in much action till date, but now he seems to be a major threat in Naruto Manga.

After a lot of research the following three personalities are thought to be best suited for Tobi:

  1. Many people are supporting the idea of Tobi being Obito Uchiha. Many theorist who put forward Naruto theories and spoilers have also placed a positive stimulation to the fact of Tobi being nobody else than Obito. It is believed that Zetsu helped Obito come out of the rocks expecting his abilities and body to be useful later. Moreover he is having a Rinnegan in his left eye and Obito gifted his left eye to Kakashi. Also when a little part of his face is revealed it is clear that it seems to be Obito with the same hair dressing style.
  2. Secondly, Tobi is thought to be long dead brother of Uchiha Madara that is Izuna Uchiha. Rumors and theories have been coming up that accept the fact that Izuna might have gone berserk with vengeance on finding htat his brother was killed by the First Hokage and thereafter the whole Uchiha clan supported and went to serve for Konoha without any rebellion. Along with that we see that this so called Tobi who is even called Madara these days has a large collection of Sharingans in a laboratory sort of thing. Along with it while telling the story of Madara to Sasuke he mentioned that Madara and his brother killed many Uchiha’s to gain the dwelling power of Mangekyou Sharingan. So it is perceived that Tobi might be Izuna who might have conserved the eyes of those Uchiha’s he killed.
  3.  Another lame prediction about Tobi is considered to have a connection with the Sage of Six Paths. It is considered that he is having some close relation to the Sage of Six Paths unlike Kinkaku and Ginkaku. He might be a peace loving person who knows the origin and the knowledge about the Juubi. Frustrated over the working of the ninjas system in which he might have lost someone close to his heart, he would have been consumed in revenge. To take troll over the whole world he might have stolen a Sharingan and implanted in his body in order to have certain level. Thereafter he implanted the Rinnegan to control the Juubi and cast the Infinite Tsukyomi Genjustsu on the whole world for a peaceful united world together with no wars.

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