Trends: Wedding Flower Decorations

Planning your wedding, especially choosing the perfect flower decorations can be a difficult and stressful task. We are bringing you trends in wedding flower decorations that will ease your task of planning your wedding. Find out what are the flower trend

Countless decorating opportunities

Talking today about certain trends in the world of weddings is to talk about the countless possibilities of expressing the personality of each bride. Today brides can really have anything they visualize and desire. Of course, the important thing here is the money, but today's brides are so creative that frequently they come up with many things that they go on to make. Today with internet access, they can be informed about the types of flowers and decorations available, and come up with a specific type of flower that they want at their wedding. Some brides, to who flowers are very important, even select the date of their wedding according to the time when their favorite flower is blossoms.

Whether the soon to be newlyweds come with specific desires or they do not know where to begin from and what they want on their wedding, it is best to choose a flower decorator / florist and talk with a professional about the different opportunities that are available. You can then merge your ideas with the professional's ideas and create an even more beautiful wedding fairytale. Be open to listening to their ideas and visions of your day because even though you may not like something in its entirety, some of the details can be easily shown as perfect in your combination. However, the most important part of all is that you talk with the person you choose for your flower decorations and that the professional understands exactly what you want. Even though young couples leave flowers for the end when they're planning their wedding, it is actually as important as other decorations and small details that will round out your whole wedding story. With them you are creating the whole impression that will leave your guests breathless.

Modern decorations

Many brides today prefer "modern" decorations, and choose orchids as the main flower for their wedding. You can view modern decoration ideas here.

Nature as Inspiration

Although today we can usually get any type of flower according to the brides' wishes, while rushing through the planning of all the details for the wedding, do not forget why you are doing it. After the wedding, newlyweds frequently get the feeling of how much peace they have lost during the planning process and how they put others' desires in front of theirs. Going to the spa the day after the wedding of course is one of the ways to return that peace and calmness, but there is another way for the bride to be relaxed while she's planning her perfect wedding day. One of those ways is to return to simplicity and nature and the enjoyment of being in it.

The nature, itself shows us how to perfectly combine all sorts of colors and create a living fairytale. Sometimes you do not need to have cascades of flowers in order to achieve a beautiful effect. The details are the ones that your decorator combines to make a perfect wedding decoration, and the flowers were just one of those details. By learning from nature, your wedding theme can be one color in which there will be different types of seasonal flowers, or it can be a particular flower from your region.

To have, for example, a sea wedding theme certainly gives you endless possibilities and each one of such details can be distinct ideological conceptions of different weddings. For example, it can be a sailor pattern that runs from the invitations to the strips that are used in decorating the napkins on the plates. Maybe shell details can be your main decoration instead of flowers or even a shell bouquet which the bride can carry in her arms. Or choose an "island" flower, one that you may have picked near the sea.

Candles for a special atmosphere

With flowers, candles can also enter a special atmosphere. With this we don't just mean a romantic atmosphere created by lit candles, but also on their wonderful fragrance as a carefully designed and special detail that can complete the whole story and thus your guests will be more relaxed and have an unforgettable evening and night.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies

Certainly one of the current trends are outdoors wedding, but if you find a hidden chapel and say your "I do," in this magical place, you will create your own trend. Whatever you decide, every detail of a story is your story, but do not overdo it, sometimes "less is more". And most importantly, try not to lose sight of who is most important on that day and how it all began. For everything else, trends and opportunities, ask for professional advice and guidance from the florist to whom you have entrusted your big day.


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