Top 5 Stylish Accessories For This Season

A fashion statement is never complete without accessories. Fashion trends change from time to time. Te same is true with accessories most especially when it comes to women. Fashion addicts know that and you should, too. It is imperative to know all of the

Ladies, these are the top 5 accessories for this season. Some of the following are probably in your stack of accessories already since trends in fashion usually come back. Some are fairly new and you have the perfect excuse to go shopping!

Retro Shades

Vintage sunglasses are so back! Anything from aviator shades, wayfarer, wraparounds or oversized shades are considered trendy. Some people prefer retro shades. However, if you are the type of person who is really talented with combining colors, there are a lot of colorful retro shades. Neon colored retro shades is in, too. Just mix and match!


Wristbands are one of those accessories that are very diverse. In short, you can find a wristband that will match any outfit you have in mind. Instead of a set of bangles or bracelets, wear wrist bands as well. There are thick ones in different colors with studs that look really fancy. While are there simple ones with strong statements embedded on them. There are slim ones you can wear more than one at a time.

Shoulder Duster Earrings

You've probably seen a lot of Hollywood stars who have worn earrings that are super long. If you have long hair, you can even wear shoulder duster earrings that are as long as it. These earrings are in because they are sexy and feminine. You can wear one strand shoulder duster earrings to get that fancy but not so sophisticated look and you can go va-va voom with colorful feathers or chandelier earrings that reach your shoulders.

Statement Necklaces

Over the past few years, statement necklaces were released in the fashion industry and they don't plan to go just yet. Statement necklaces are still in! These flamboyant and colorful, sometimes out of this world designed necklaces are sure to grab anyone's attention. A plain sexy dress will definitely be noticed with necklaces like these. Aside from that, people turn their attention directly to your gorgeous face. Some of these necklaces are really expensive because of the materials used to manufacture them. The good news is, they are easy to make. Just grab a few beads, stones and strings and use your creativity.


There are many ways to wear scarves. This season, colorful scarves are in most especially cotton scarves. This is one of the accessories that you probably already have. If you don't fell like wearing one on your neck, grab one that has the same color as your outfit and tie it in your bag. Some people use scarves as a bandana to create a 1960's apple blossom look. If you are bored with your scarves, go ahead and grab some bleach and make a tie died scarf.

As you can see, this season wants to see vintage. As a challenge, look for something that is literally vintage. Borrow a pair of shades or a scarf that your mom used to sport. This way, you feel authentically fashionable.


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Marketing Consultant, 24hourwristbands

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