The September Issue Review

A review of the film, "The September Issue"

Anna Wintour is the most powerful woman in the fashion industry maybe even the entire world. She is the editor and chief of the top fashion magazine on the planet, "Vogue." The September issue of the magazine is the biggest issue of the entire year. The documentary follows Anna and her team at "Vogue." The film takes place in the year, 2007. The film takes the viewer into an exclusive world that few people actually get the chance to visit.

The film showcases fashion weeks in New York City, and Paris, France. Vera Wang and other top fashion designers and heads appear in the fashion-forward reality film. The film can be described as raw, and even edgy as the fashion world can be a very unforgiving place to live and work in. Anna Wintour is definitely not a warm and fuzzy boss, but she does not appear to be a hateful monster. Critics claimed that the fashion editor in the film, "The Devil Wears Prada" was loosely based on this film's real-life editor. That film's character seems to be very creatively stretched. Anna Wintour in one word, appears direct. She states her feelings with no filter but she does not appear abusive, or inhuman. She is the head of one the world's most influential publications, she has to be touch and professional. She has a lot of pressure on her thin shoulders.

At that point in time, "Vogue" was over a hundred years old, making it one of the oldest fashion publications in the entire world. Many designers view her as the pinnacle, the highest almost rock star that they will ever meet in their lives. This film's undertones is beginnings and current life. One of the fashion editors featured started out as a teen model, and is now one of the magazine's creative leaders. Life is a journey, and fashion can either be bumpy or smooth. This billion-dollar industry is extremely complex and composed of many unseen parts.

The level of criticism to every finite detail blows the mind, and it can be very exhausting just watching. Anna is like a hawk when it comes to fashion. The one time she appears to soften and almost glow is when she is around her teen daughter.

This film made me never want to casually flip through a magazine again, especially "Vogue."


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