Taylor Swift: Fashion's Latest Princess

An article about Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift has been lighting up the country and pop charts since her debut album. Her heartfelt ballads or catchy tunes make it hard not to want to sing along.Though music seems to be her first love, she appreciates fashion and what it can bring to her image. She always seems to avoid the usual fashion pitfalls of the young starlet. Whether her look is bohemian, old Hollywood glamor, or a bit more modern she stays classy and relevant.

She loves pastels while adding flowers to her hair. Her lips always seems to be adorned  with her signature red lipstick. Over the years, she has embraced her maturity as she went from teenage crooner to young adult. When she wants to look more modern she trades in the elegance or hippy chic for more adult, modern looks. She stays off the worst dressed list by choosing ensembles that showcase style rather than skin or shock value. She appears beautiful without looking forced or unnatural.

Whenever Taylor appears on an award show, she often opts for old Hollywood inspired looks. She dances on that thin line between retro and still appearing modern for this decade. Although she often looks like she is inspired by decades past she always still appears young and fresh. 

When photos catch the country-pop crooner on the street she looks casual, but still style ready. Her day to day style is more hippie meets edge. She loves flowy tops and knit hats. She adds edge to her outfits by adding black boots to her signature casual looks.

She understands how accessories add to the level of a look. She always has stylish, edgy, or delicate jewelry. Whether she is on the red carpet or on the street her changing looks have one thing in common: she embraces all things girly and feminine.

Every girl or woman knows that her hair is her crown of glory. When Taylor wants to appear girly or fresh, she leaves her curly style free and flowing. She often puts it up when she is opting for a more elegant look. When she wants to appear more modern or more adult, she straightens her natural curls. Hair styles add to the message you are trying to send.

Lessons to Learn from Taylor:

Embrace different looks, but make sure that you are being true to yourself.

Avoid showing too much skin, there is thin line between sexy and something else.

Take inspiration from time gone by, and add modern twists.


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