Style Tips For The Office

No matter how much talk there is of new silhouettes, new cuts, new fabrics, new colors, workplace rules still the same-keep it simple, keep it smart..

Stylists root for western formals with some detailing. It’s easier to hack the cold in a nicely fitted pair of pants than a flowy sari. The lines and cuts should be classic, minimalist and structured. Corporate dressing is all about personal grooming. Keep your hair set. Don’t wear anything that dangles. And dab on just enough perfume to smell nice, not asphyxiate your colleagues! For Indian wear, sticking to light pastel saris or salwar-kurtaas is recommended. The rule is simple: Zari, glitter, shimmer and sparkle are best left in your granny’s closet or for party wear.

Men must go classic for work-wear but can always add a dash of style. Pick a stylish jacket for winter. It’s best to stock up on navy blue and grey blazers but leather jackets are also accepted now. Don’t go overboard on the styling though.

Try to avoid black or very dark shades during the day. Add colors with your shirts, sweaters, ties, even scarves.

The workplace is not as formal as it used to be. You can always have some fun with your dressing. Define the line between style and over the top!

A bit of care will ensure your tie lasts you a lifetime…

Undo your tie completely when you take it off. It helps the fabric fibers recover. When not using it, straighten out your tie completely and hang it. It allows the creases to ease out.

Do not dry clean your necktie. Ironing compresses the lining and dulls the lustier of the silk.

Build a classic wardrobe with sober-hued suits. Mix colors. Wear a dark suit with lighter shirt. A three button, single-breast jacket is still classy. A double-breasted jacket is ideal for a slim, tall man. Peak lapels for the jacket are preferred more than notched ones. Half inch of the shirt cuffs should peep out of the jacket sleeves. Half inch of the shirt collar should peep out of the jacket nape. The tie tip should just about skim the top of the waistband of the trousers.

Match your belt with your shoes, both preferably in leather. Match your watch strap buckle with your belt buckle. And match your socks with your pants.


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