Steal the Celebrity Style - Beyonce

Beyonce is, without question, one of the hottest and most stylish celebrities at the moment and what she says goes when it comes to how to dress. Whether she's relaxing with friends in cowboy shirts and jeans or hitting the red carpet in a luxury dress, s

Beyonce is certainly a lady of style and if you want to replicate her fashion, there are few style staples that she regularly wears that will be easy to copy.

The pop star and actress seldom puts a foot wrong when it comes to her clothing and whether she’s relaxing with friends or walking the red carpet, she never looks anything less than immaculate and knows how to dress for any occasion.

As you can see from the picture, Beyonce is a fan of Western wear and is regularly spotted wearing cowboy shirts, such as the stylish one here. She has expertly accessorised it with a striking red leather jacket, high-waist jeans and red braces to great effect. It’s a simple look to replicate and one that will be ideal for the autumn and winter season.

The superb songstress has definitely established herself as one of the most stylish celebrities in LA and New York and this is no mean feat given just how many beautiful and stylish women there are out there.

She isn’t just a musical goddess, she has definitely emerged from Destiny’s Child with a great sense for fashion and on the many occasions that she is captured by the paparazzi, she invariably looks superb. She seldom wears clothing that is too difficult to replicate because she is a down to earth girl – albeit one who certainly knows how to dress!

Everyone woman loves to look their glamorous best from time to time and Beyonce is certainly no exception – as you can see from her red carpet appearance in a mesmerizingly beautiful dress that certainly turned heads aplenty on the night.

Beyonce really does represent a woman with innate style, who constantly looks her best, whether she’s in a casual pair of jeans and a cowboy shirt or gracing the red carpet in an elegant gown.

Whether it’s glamour or a relaxed look that you’re planning for, there are few better role models to learn from than Beyonce. She is absolutely one of the most stylish women in the States and her flawless features make for an inspirational clothes horse. Replicating celebrity style needn’t cost a small fortune as there are always cheaper alternatives available that look more or less the same as the A-List variety but cost a fraction of the price.

So, if you’re stuck for fashion ideas this autumn and winter, just flick on the television or open a fashion magazine and you are sure to see celebrities aplenty offering all sorts of fashion and style ideas that can be copied.


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