Shoes to Wear With Short Skirts

A list of shoes that can be worn with short skirts. What shoes can be worn well with short skirts.

With the temperatures gradually declining and winter steadily approaching, it's time to break out those short skirts while you still can.  Many women purposely stay away from short skirts because sometimes it's hard to decipher what looks cute and what just looks wrong and several individuals just cannot figure out what shoes go with such a look. 

What shoes can be worn with short skirts?  Well, the answer to that question greatly depends on the look you're trying to achieve.  Do you want to look sporty?  Or are you trying to appear sexy?  Maybe you just want to look casual cute?  It's true when they say shoes can make or break an outfit, so discover shoes can be worn well with short skirts and decide on a pair based on your personal preference.

Sneakers: sneakers are generally the last type of shoe that comes to mind when one thinks of short skirts, but this can be done.  Sneakers are typically donned when going for a sporty look and tennis shoes especially can look very cute with a denim mini.  They're casual, comfortable, and can even help give your outfit a bit of an edge to it that it may have been previously lacking.  Chunkier sneakers, such as gym shoes or sneakers specifically made for physical activity, look better with a short free-flowing skirt, such as one composed of a jersey material.  Pairing a chunky sneaker with a form-fitting denim skirt could cause you to look off-balance and draw too much attention to your feet rather than the outfit as a whole.  This combination looks great at fairs, festivals, and concerts.

Flats: flats, often referred to as ballet flats or sometimes skimmers, are a tried and true go-to shoe for almost any type of outfit you throw at them, especially short skirts.  This is because they can be worn dressed up or down and can be dazzling or plain.  While they look great with a form-fitting skirt, they are much better suited to be matched with free-flowing type of skirt.  Although adorable and versatile, flats draw attention to your feet in the opposite way a sneaker does: wearing flats with a tighter skirt could cause you to look like an upside-down bowling pin.  Because flats are plain and rather subtle as a whole, the focus is then on your legs.  A bouncy skirt will give something others' eyes can pinpoint, keeping the attention from the bottoms of your legs.  Everything needs balance - if you're going to wear a subtle shoe like a pair of flats, you will need a more attention-drawing skirt.  Flats are great when attending an informal event, going on a date, or even going to class.

Sandals: sandals nowadays are flashy with straps and enough dazzle to compete with even the nicest set of pumps.  Because of this, sandals are best worn with a less dazzling skirt, particularly one tight and non-descript.  They are a great casual shoe that can be dressed up or down, but the more attention that is drawn to the shoe, the less attention should be drawn to the skirt.  Otherwise, your outfit could appear too busy and generally unappealing.  Beaches and bonfires love a great set of sandals.

Booties: booties, sometimes referred to as ankle boots, are boots - sometimes with a heel, sometimes not - that only approach your ankle area.  There are so many different styles of booties that they honestly look great with any type of short skirt, as long as the natural balance is maintained.  Sweater booties - made of a wool material - make any skirt ensemble instantly look cozy, while patent leather booties can immediately dress up any outfit you throw at them.  Booties do tend to draw attention to themselves by nature, so whether you pair them with a tight skirt or a tulle skirt, choose a color that matches your outfit or you will automatically look like all you have is a pair of discolored feet.  These shoes look great on dates, job interviews, or out at the bar.

Boots: mid-calf, knee-high, thigh-high - boots come in all shapes and sizes and styles.  Unless you're wearing a sweater boot - often called cozies - boots tend to naturally make your outfit look formal.  Because boots tend to flatter your legs, they look great with any type of skirt, but they will probably strip your style of nearly all of its casualty.  If you're wearing a boot with a short skirt, be conscious of where you're going and who you will be meeting.  With a tight denim mini, they will instantly grant you sex appeal.  With a bouncy jersey skirt, you'll look undeniably flirty.  Boots with skirts would be best left for the clubs or a sexy night out.

Kitten heels: sexy, flirty, casual, and easier to walk in than regular heels, kitten heels are extremely versatile creatures.  They will lengthen your legs a tiny bit and because they are often a subtle addition to your wardrobe, they won't draw much attention to your legs.  These should be saved for casual occasions such a date, a party, or middle-of-the-road eatery.

Heels: heels are every girl's favorite accessory and it's obvious why.  The types of heels on the market is so vast, you can manipulate your outfit with almost every pair you own.  A strappy heel looks great with a short skirt for the sexy, empowered working-woman appeal.  Pumps are awesome for a sexy night at the club.  Point-toed heels are sure to get you noticed at a lunch meeting or an upscale restaurant.  And of course, the fan favorite peep-toe heel looks both sexy and just a tad bit informal so you can get away with donning them at any formal event in the year.  Note: when sitting down, be sure to take off those fabulous heels to save your feet from screaming in pain early in the night.  Read my other article here for information about the effects of high heels on the body.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes to wear with short skirts isn't difficult once you decide what you want your outfit to convey.  Most importantly, try every pair of shoes you own until you find a match you're happy with.  If you want to wear sneakers with a short skirt when you're going on a date and you love that combination, then have at it.  There are no rules to fashion, even when dealing with choosing shoes to wear with short skirts - you make your own fashion.


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