Shibuya Fashion of Japan

Fashion is a personal statement translated into art. Nothing gets more artistic than the Japanese fashion aficionados of Shibuya. Here is a list of distinctive features of Japanese Fashion.

When we talk about fashion, our minds zoom in quickly to the glitzy streets of upscale Manhattan or the glamorous fashion shows held in Milan or Paris. But somewhere in the East Asia is the Pearl of the Orient – Japan - where in the midst of a strict culture of discipline, cultivates an enigmatic and highly individualistic - if not enjoyably peculiar - sense of style. And the best place to witness Japanese vogue at its more liberal form is in Shibuya one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese Fashion: Trends are fast, tastes are diverse

A young and dynamic bunch dictates the ultimate street fashion of Shibuya. Shibuya fashionistas are chameleon themselves, willing and able to adopt and adapt the latest craze with a generous helping of their own interpretation and idiosyncrasy.

Japanese Fashion: Casual fashion at its finest

Shibuya is indeed a notable hub of casual fashion. Relaxed, laid-back, deliberately careless if not sloppy, Shibuya fashion exemplifies the carefree and optimistic mood of the modern Japanese youth. “Shibujaki” means “casual fashion that originated from Shibuya.” The comfortable and informal street wear might be an artistic protest against the traditional regimented style that is incidental to exceptional Japanese work discipline, an admirable attribute for which the Japanese are globally known.

Japanese Fashion: Major shopping centre for the youth

At the end of the day, Shibuya is a “fashion Disneyland” for the youth. No wonder you would rarely see Japanese people older than 30 flocking the place. It is not surprising considering the fact that it is a also a centre of the “Kogal Culture” - a fashion that involves wearing an outfit based on the regular Japanese-nautical high school uniform, but with a shortened skirt, loose socks, and often dyed hair and a scarf as well. There are several famous fashion department stores in Shibuya, one of which is “Shibuya 109” - a major shopping centre near the Shibuya Station. Aside from Shibuya 109, other well-liked stores include, among others Moussy, Cecil Mcbee, Parco, Beams, Journal Standard, American Rag Cie., Beauty & Youth, And A, Rosebud, Marui Young, Marui Jam, Slap Shot, Tomorrowland, ABC Mart, Loft, Tokyu Hands, Chimaera Luxe, Franc Franc, Afternoon Tea, and Timeless Comfort.

Japanese Fashion: Where the ordinary looks strange

If you go to Shibuya looking like your “regular” self, prepare to stick out like a sore thumb. Shibuya is a universe of its own where the words “standard,” “average,” or “custom” do not exist. The norm in Shibuya is that there is no norm. You can be whatever you want to be. It’s actually a paradise for those who feel trapped in their own norm-imposed societies. Manba is the latest look in Shibuya. The trademarks of the Manba look are bizarre rouge face-makeup and mostly rose-pink outfits. Manba might look strange to the ordinary person, but definitely not to the Japanese lovers and residents of this quirky place. Japanese style challenges you to defy convention and to create a tailor-made you.

More Japanese fashion articles to come!

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