Secrets of Thrifty Fasionistas

If you have never visited a Thrift Shop, such as those sponsored by the salvation Army or Goodfellow, you may be in for a big surprise. You can discover gently used designer apparel, quality furnishings, accessories and even antiques at these shops. The secret is where are they located. Learn the secret of many Fashinistas who know how to look good and save money in the process.

The next time you drop off some of your clothing or furniture or any other household items you no longer have a need for at a Salvation Army or Goodfellow Resale shop, take a few minutes and take a peek inside.

You might be surprised at some of the great things for sale inside. You may have a set opinion about who shops at these charitable outlets, but you may be surprised. The original intent was to provide a source of good quality merchandise at bargain prises for lower class families. The truth is that while that purpose still holds true, thrift shops have gone up scale and welcome shoppers of all classes.

This is especially true at the thrift outlets in affluent areas. Well to do ladies often discard designer articles of clothing after only a few uses and donate them. They certainly wouldn't want to be seen in the same old year old fashions more than a couple of times, regardless if the clothing is showroom perfect. Neither do they think much about getting rid of furniture and accessories when they remodel every few years. They usually don't use hand me down clothes from their children, so as soon as the clothing is outgrown, it gets donated. In brief, there are some excellent treasures to be found.

For some people, being discovered shopping in a resale shop reflects negatively on them. It doesn't seem to matter if designer labels and quality furnishings and appointments can be found for pennies on the dollar of the original cost. The embarrassment would be too great. The fact is that if someone you know sees you there, the question is what in the world were they doing in the shop. The fact is, more people are doing it and having a ball.

If being discovered truly concerns you, here's a secret learned from affluent shoppers who do utilize the Salvation Army or Good Fellow Shops. Locate one of those Centers in an affluent community several miles away from your home. Better yet, head out to the next county. You may be amazed at the offerings. You can shop till you drop and no one will be the wiser. This is a tactic often utilized in well to do Florida communities where it is quite common to see a few BMWs and a Mercedes or two parked in front of resale thrift shops, while the folks peruse the treasures inside. Some even admit that they wouldn't do this back home, but here with the anonymity of Florida, they feel free to have a enjoyable time and take advantage of the savings. It has become a game and a contest to see who can do the best thrift shop power shopping.

These shops are also ideal for equipping a college dorm, a summer cottage. Decorators are known to pick up artifacts found here. The merchandise is quite varied. You can find antique china, leather easy chairs, Dining sets and some outstanding men's clothing as well. Tommy Bahama sport shirts that sell for $75 retail can be had for $6-$7 . It is a blast. It is also addictive.

You may find yourself returning often when sales or promotions are announced. It is good for the soul to see trailer residents vying for the same merchandise with an affluent suburbanite. Fashionista can have a ball and save a ton.

Here is the best part of the experience. Shopping below your means is win-win at its best. You get outstanding values while the charity gets funds to support their cause. That should make you feel better about your shopping. So the next time you bring something to a thrift shop, buy something too.


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