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an article about the film, "Picture Me."

"Picture Me" is an independent documentary that follows up and coming fashion model, Sara. The film is composed of a video diary between the model and her film student graduate boyfriend. The film follows the young girl starting at age 18 until age 23. The film features interviews with Sara's family, especially her parents. The then teenager sort of just fell into the world of modeling completely by accident. She was discovered randomly by a photographer who saw the beautiful stranger on the street. This chance meeting led to a very successful early career in the world of modeling. The film also features perspectives and interviews from the model's fellow friends who are at her same level in the industry.

The model's parents were very apprehensive at first but were happily suprised when the teenager started making more money than anyone in her entire family. This complex reality created tension between Sara and her boyfriend. This fact was illustrated in the film. Sometimes when a person is making a different level of money than their peers this can cause conflict and resentment between people. Sara at one point in the film, very disenchanted by her lifestyle, and she wished that she was not having to pay for everything herself. Maybe she was feeling like her boyfriend was using her a bit. The peer group becomes unrelatable because they have different goals and finances. Sara seemed also envy the road of friends who chose to go to college, and she appeared a little sad that she was not in her former life as well.

The film speaks about the often hidden, unspoken dark side of modeling. Several models have been sexually harrassed and abused by photographers. This appears to be a regular occurence in their lives.

A model's life seems to consist of non-stop traveling in glamorous locations without actually seeing anything notable, and runway shows slash company functions at night. The life of a high fashion model is exhausting and chaotic. Body distortion increases because of constant scrutiny and being treated less like a human, and much more a living doll or a prop. The dark side of modeling is definitely showcased, and innocence is lost.

The also focuses on models who are minors who are away from their parents. They often leave their countries. They film speaks about the drug use and many models. This film is fascinating and disturbing at the same time.


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