Naruto Manga - 601 Predictions

Naruto predictions and Naruto manga are just the heart throb of millions of Naruto fans out there. So every prediction and every chapter does matter. This time we see that Madara and Obito are teacher and disciple and all this was planned years ago by both of them. However, as they are planning to capture Kyubi, revive Jyubi and spread the power of Uchiha, they are still unaware about the revival of Hashirama Senju.

Naruto 601 manga predictions – Reunion of Teacher and Student which would be containing only talk-no-jutsu. As the gravity gaining battle between Madara and Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Gai turned its phase we see Madara approaching the battle scene. Everyone is still recovering from the shock and thereafter Obito greets Madara.

Madara: You seem to be having fun?

Obito: What are you doing here already?

Naruto: Is that the real Madara?

Kakashi: So this is how it is?


Bee: The real Madara was supposed to be busy in a battle with the 5 kages

Madara: The Kages are no more

There is a complete silence on the battle field.

Madara: By the way, I am not here to ruin your prey Obito, I’m here just for the Kyuubi kid.

At the very instant from nowhere Zetsu emerges from the ground and celebrates the reunion of their team after a long time.

Madara: Aren’t you done with these bugs yet, Obito?

Kakashi: How come Obito and Madara are on the same league?

Obito: You know nothing about me Kakashi, you have just wasted time mourning on the grave.

Madara: Cut out the talk for later, Obito. Let’s settle this now. Although initially I was here for the Kyubi, but now I am interested in your new found invention, Obito.

Obito: This was not the plan from the very start sensei.

Kakashi, Naruto, Bee: Sensei?

Obito: Yes, he is my Sensei.

Obito: After his battle with Hashirama, he was not in the state to run around and do battles. At that moment even I was not in a state to do much, but still I was young. And together we found each other and decided to plan the future. This is when he became my teacher and I decided to be his disciple.

Madara: The world shall know the power of the Uchiha and the superiority of Uchiha over the Senju.

Obito: Tobi is just the name of the Uchiha who presents the deed of the hatred stored in the Uchiha’s for century. Earlier the name was entitled to Madara. After he died I was honoured with the name. And after my era it will be…

Naruto: Sasuke?


Zetsu: Hashirama’s cells are ready.

Madara: After the battle my body grew weak. So I could not even use the Rinnegan as it could turn out to be fatal. So I entrusted my Rinnegan to Obito who thereafter used the large chakra reserve of Nagato and dictated the world from behind. Now that I combine myself with Hashirama’s body cells, with the help of the clone body (Yamato), and I shall be complete once again.

Madara: Bring it out, Zetsu.

Obito: Finally, the strategy planned years ago is in action.

Zetsu: How is this possible?

Yamato taking the form of Hashirama and the revival of Hashirama is taking in process. Black zetsu has combined with the body of Yamato.

Hashirama: After being reunited with so much of my prior self, I was finally able to revive myself.


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