Naruto 602 Prediction

The story of the famous anime series Naruto Shippuden is going as per my earlier predictions as far as now. However, further the story can take up any crucial turn so this might not end up happening. It is just one of the way how the story may proceed further. The latest manga to be released Chapter 602 may be like the following prediction.

The battle scene is in the worst phase with the Kages all beaten up as shown in earlier predictions. Tsunade’s body is torn apart in to two halves, the lower part of her abdomen is separate now. Scene switches and presents the condition of the battle field where Naruto is trying to bring down Obito.

Naruto launches with all of his power dashes on to the real Madara, who recognizes that the one he is fighting is not the real body of Naruto. We see Naruto in the Kamui dimension and he is thinking hard, assessing all the data, while staying calm to think of a strategy to bring an end to the game of Obito.

Kakashi is lost in reminiscence and cannot bring himself out of the shock and is now sealed away in the darkness and regret of the mistakes of his life. Just then the story of Madara is shown all over the page we see the old Madara treating to Obito’s wound’s just like that of his own son. He is planning and planting his future in the body of this young Uchiha – Uchiha Obito.

Scenes switches back to the present battle field and with exchanging mere one blow, Madara feels the presence of Hashirama in Naruto, as he reminds him back of that great ninja. Their fight takes an immense level and the battle ground is just getting blew away with the extreme high level chakra blows.

Kakashi and Gai, both stand no chance in this level of fight as they can already feel the chill just by observing the fight. The scene switches back to the place of Tsunade and other Kages who are all dying.

Using her Will of Fire Tsunade forces chakra out of her body and summons Katsui to the battle field to play her parting role. She brings up the courage and determines to save the ninja world and do the least she can do. Using her last trick that is up her sleeve, she uses forbidden techniques and converts her life to chakra in order to heal the Kages. She is doing everything to save them, to save hope, for them to witness a better Shinobi world.

All the Kages start healing and regaining life while Tsunade is losing hold from her breath with every passing moment. Along with her dying present to the Kages, she tells a secret to Katsui to be carried to Naruto.

Tsunade gives Katsui the secret that Naruto must use to awaken his sleeping Senju powers. He needs to carry on the legend of Senju’s and use the forbidden techniques to show the match of his powers to that with Uchiha Madara. He must carry on the Great Will of Fire of his great grandfather – Hashirama Senju. If Uchiha Madara is magnificent then Naruto must present the Legend of Senju’s n protect the ninja world just like his great grandfather and his father later on.


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