Is the Hair of Maria Sharapova News Worthy?

Tennis player Maria Sharapova was recently in the news because she appeared to have cut her hair. It turns out that she was just wearing a short wig in photos, which sent the media buzzing to report that her hair was still long. The question many reader

Breaking news about tennis player Maria Sharapova hit the front page of many news websites earlier this week. It wasn't because of a recent victory on the court. She hadn't sustained an injury. She didn't announce her retirement from the sport.

So what was the big story? Miss Sharapova cut her hair. That's all. The buzz was about her hair. People cut their hair every single day, yet this caused a huge stir.

It all started when Maria posted photos of herself sporting a very short 'do on her Facebook page. "So what do you guys think??" she asked, then added, "I kind of love it!"

Reporters pondered why the beauty would possibly want to chop of her trademark long, blonde locks. She has sported the same basic hairstyle since she hit the tennis scene in 2002. It was especially shocking to many because her wedding is just six months away. Articles were posted both in favor of the new style and in strong protest.

The hair of Maria Sharapova has again made front page news this morning. In what many reports describe as a "shocking revelation", she has admitted that the pictures were fake. She was wearing a wig in them.

She posted a photo of herself with long hair on her Facebook page. She explained that she had worn the short wig for a photo shoot. She expressed surprise at the flood of attention the photos received and decided to end the speculation by setting the record straight.

Many pop culture reporters and bloggers are calling it a prank, with some claiming the knew she was joking all along. Others are breathing a sigh of relief that apparently Maria was not in the midst of a quarter life crisis that led to the chopping of her locks. The people who ran out to their hairstylist to copy the short look are probably not feeling very pleased about this turn of events.

Do you think the hairstyle choices of athletes and other celebrities is worthy of breaking news? Again, this story made front page news twice this week. So just to recap for those who are interested: the original photos of Maria Sharapova with short hair were of her wearing a wig at a photo shoot.

She did NOT cut her hair. It is still long and blonde. She'll likely still wear it in a ponytail when she's on the court. All is well with the world.


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