Is Skin Whitening Safe?

People in many different cultures have been trying to get lighter skin for centuries, or even longer. For example, Queen Victoria used to use make up to get a really pale looking skin color, as that was the fashion at the time. Some people think that the

Skin whitening is not a new thing, it has been around for centuries, or perhaps going back to the ancient Egyptians. Women especially used things like lemon juice to try to get a lighter skin tone, and it's still a very popular practice in many cultures. 

Particularly in the continent of Asia, women want to make their skin as white as possible, by any means necessary, because it is viewed as being more beautiful. 

Ironic that white people in the west usually want to get a tan, but that's just the way of the world I guess. If you are thinking of trying out some skin whitening products, you should do your research, as some methods of making the skin lighter are safer than others. 

Here is a link to the official Wikipedia page on skin whitening. It explains what compounds are safe to use on the skin, and which ones may have a damaging effect over time. 

It's not just for vanity that people want to lighten their skin color, some people have Vitiligo or hypopigmentation, which is what Michael Jackson had. 

They need something to even out the skin tone so it doesn't look blotchy, with patches of dark skin next to the white.


Safe Skin Whitening Products

I can't really recommend any safe skin whitening products, as I haven't tried them myself. I would suggest that you take a look at the Wikipedia page, and try to find out what the active ingredients are in the preparations. 

I saw this You Tube video called how to get white skin, and it seemed like they had a professional product that had done it's research, but I can't say whether or not there are any side effects. 

There are some safe skin whitening products, as there are some safe teeth whitening products, but the harder you try to bleach your skin, the more dangerous it might be, that's about all I can tell you.

Make sure you research the chemicals that you're using thoroughly, and try to stay away from lead paint, mecury, and arsenic, which are some of the many crazy things that people have used through history for skin whitening.

Is skin whitening safe? If you do your research carefully, and don't try to change your skin tone too drastically, it can be safe, and you can get a naturally whiter skin tone, if that's what you're after.  


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