Ideas In Planning Your Own Fairy Tale Wedding With A Tight Budget

Make your fairy tale wedding dream come true by planning it your self. Here are some great tips that you may want to do. This article can surely help you plan your dream wedding. SO even you are on a tight budget, there are still ways to make this fairy t

Many brides and grooms say that planning their own wedding is difficult. That is why others prefer to hire a wedding planner to take over the job. However, hiring a wedding planner is an additional expense from your overall wedding budget and probably cost a lot especially if you are hiring a professional one. But if you are a couple that is practical enough to disregard a wedding planner and prefer to rather plan your wedding by yourself but do not have much idea on how to do it, here are some simple ideas that you can ponder to come up with a fairy tale wedding that would seem like a professional did it.

You may hold your ceremony and reception in a separately or in the same place, it is important that you will have a grand entrance as you are the highlight of this event as a bride. While you walk through the aisle going to the altar, it would be best that you have an aisle runner on it. A red carpet would make you feel a very significant person just like the royal bloods, but it does not really matter if you use a simple red cloth as it will appear the same on your photographs. If you prefer a customized aisle runner with your names and some artistic prints on it, it would be much better. You can find various styles of customized aisle runners from many online shops that are within your budget.

Another idea is for you to find a flower garden in your local area that sells inexpensive ordinary flowers. Choose various flower sizes. What you are going to do with them is to separate the petals of those big flowers and mix them with the smaller ones then fill them in your flower girl's basket. While one of your flower girls marches ahead of you, have her sprinkle some of it on your path. In this style, you do not only make your flower girl enjoy with what she is doing, you also satisfied your self for making your dream of fairy tale wedding come true. This idea is truly amazing and very unique that afterall, does not cost you a lot for buying flowers direct from the farmer.

You can also assign some of the flower girls to blow some bubbles along the aisle while you are walking and even while the ceremony is going on. Give each of them some handy bottles of bubble solution or you can have it hung on their necks. This is another fun task that the cute kids in your wedding will surely enjoy. You can also let them do that continuously even at your reception or as long as they want to. By this way, their patience will be extended avoiding unnecessary tantrums that can ruin your wedding. Seeing bubbles all over the place on your wedding day seems like a dream. So don't ever disregard this idea to complement the fairy tale wedding that you ever desire.


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