How to Rock the Sheer Trend

Tips to pulling off the sheer skirt, blouse, or top. How to layer with sheer dresses and other clothing.

This season offers a world of options if you want to go sheer. Dresses, tops, blouses, and a variety of skirts of all lengths. This can be a tricky trend to master, but the result can be both sexy or sweet, ethereal and whimsical. Here are a couple of hints and tips to help you on your way.

1. Make it appropriate for the situation. I can't stress this enough. You want all eyes on you because you're looking fabulous, not scandalous. A sheer blouse with a lacy bra might have it's place at the night club, but it has no place at the office. However, a sheer blouse with a conservative camisole or tank top underneath can be very apropos. Similarly, what works for night may not work for night. Be aware that the light of day will shine through the outfit, making sure that any sheer clothing item looks twice as sheer.

2. Make it appropriate for your body type. What looks good on one figure will look trashy or unflattering on another. God, would I love to rock a sheer maxi skirt with short-shorts underneath; this looks best on those who are slim or taller. Unfortunately, I am 5'2 and curvy, so it would just serve to make me look shorter, and the risque nature of the outfit would be amplified by my exposed curves beneath. Instead, I choose to wear a sheer skirt that goes just past the knee in length, with a pair of opaque black tight beneath. The length of the skirt elongates, especially with a pair of killer heels and the tights lend coverage but you still see the shape of the figure. I've seen slim, compact girls pull off a sheer, flowing button-up or a flowing tank with just a bra underneath. For bustier girls, I recommend a bit more coverage - a tank top, or even a bandeau. A bandeau is great for layering and they're widely available right now. They cut down on the cleavage but still show some skin. 

3. Layering is the key. Choosing the right slip, tights, shorts, etc that go underneath your sheer garment is the most important thing. Layering different sheer fabrics is another fun trend right now. Also, pair light, pale colours with a light, pale undershirt, and pair dark fabrics with dark undershirts. Or mix it up and see what works. My sheer skirt is pale pink with pleats and sparkles woven throughout - the black tights underneath have a nice contrast through the light skirt, creating a look that can be ballerina-gone-bad.

These are just general guidelines. With style, sometimes unlikely combos can be pulled off by the right person. Mix and match to see what works for you.

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