How to Ready Prom Dresses and Hairstyles in a Few Minutes

An easy guide that will help you how to get ready from your Prom Night.

Are you looking forward to the prom dress you have prepared, not only for beautification is not the time? Long training, you can use, but can be managed well within an hour. We have helpful tips on how to do it.

10 minutes: Start in the bathroom:

In the bathroom, do not be long enough to shower - Rotate hot and cold water. Your skin, the blood supply and shut off. We'll chase away your fatigue and décolleté and arms are in the dress shine. Primer perfumed body emulsion, preferably the same brand as the perfume that you chose for the evening ceremony. Carefully with a combination of different scents toilet preparations, the result might not like it.

5 minutes to prepare the feet dance:

On a thorough pedicure with foot soaking in herb salt or alternately hot and cold massage showers no time, and so reach for the cream with menthol.

Before Slide stockings, legs slightly Rub this emulsion is always the ankles to the knees.In addition, if the cream antiperspirant ingredient, you do not have to worry about during the evening that the wet feet in boots incur painful blisters. Take care as well as shoes and pour them into powder with a deodorant.

7 minutes: fatigue and chase off:

First clean the skin and refresh blushes skin and delay the masking of red spots. If your skin is puffy, refresh her great handfuls of ice water or cool lotion emulsions and apply moisturizing emulsion.

12 minutes: make-up that lasts all night:

Most importantly, keeps your skin looking healthy and dull night. Start a trial because the makeup, the skin and in the evening absorbs excess sebum eyelids I set quickly and easily with your finger over the upper eyelid crease and spread below the eyebrow. Use cotton buds and even inject a shadow in the inner corner. Dot is a gloss on the lips, and he can stand on her lips up to 6 hours.

Tip into a handbag, First Aid:

Into a small bag to squeeze prom dress with only basic equipment for possible remediation. Make do with lip gloss and pencil in his eyes. Note especially the light concealed, which mask each speckle and fatigue under his eyes. Practical papers are hard-drinking, which can easily suck the sweat off his forehead and nose.

15 minutes: crown of beauty quickly and easily:

Hair styling can leave until the end of ritual. Dull and limp your hair with a quick dip spray dry shampoo. Foam, which increases the volume of the mane can use on dry hair easily. This would include assistance dryer or iron.

9 minutes: your hands are also garnish:

When preparing for the prom is not the time for nourishing masks on hand, but you can pull backs of the hands moisturizing emulsion with gold glitter and spray perfume on your wrist. Take care in the selection of nail polish. This year is a trendy shade of red and gold glitter. Nails lightly and carefully grind the malamute two layers of lacquer. Work with you to facilitate the coating accelerator, due to which paint dries in a minute.


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