How to Mix and Match Fashion Trends

Real style is not always about playing it safe or sticking with the basics. Real style is about knowing how to mix and match fashion trends. This list of unusual juxtapositions combined with self-confidence, is a fashion tour de force.

Women have always been afraid of looking like a fashion victim. And the idea of mixing and matching fashion trends sounds both daunting and unnerving. Some of us have tried to stick with the safe get-ups, afraid to look unorthodox and just too different. But style is always about these imperfect mixes and unusual juxtapositions. Here is a list of how to mix and match fashion trends:

How to mix and match fashion trends Case 1: Vintage with a modern trend

You don’t need to go to a garage sale or a flea market to look for shabby chic items. Rummage through your mom’s wardrobe, and you will definitely find at least 1 vintage item worth borrowing. Pair her cute crocheted blouse with denim shorts. Or match her Victorian ruffled blouse with sexy leggings. Your mom’s bohemian-inspired bag may also complement minimalist all-white attire.

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How to mix and match fashion trends Case 2: Preppy with edgy

The classic Oxford style of dressing-up formally and almost conservatively can have an edgy twist. Pair that Ivy League argyle sweater with black leggings; or wear a black or shiny vest over that button-down Oxford-style cloth shirt. Revolutionize your L.L. Bean, Ralph Lauren or Lacoste “oh-so-neat-and-proper-prepiness” with a “dangerous” edge by incorporating something fierce, sharp or black with the outfit. The fashion sense of popular singer, Rihanna may give you a hint as to what edgy actually looks. You may also accessorize your preppy outfit with a funky hat such as a fedora or silver bangles.

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How to mix and match fashion trends Case 3: Lace with Leather

Who says you can’t combine something flirty with something fierce? Who says you can’t look both sweet and vampy at the same time? A fashion marriage between lace and leather can do the trick. The neo-Goth clothing style of today finds inspiration from Punk style and Victorian fashion. Pair a leather-sleeved black top with a tiered-lacey skirt. To rock a white lace top, you can also match it with an alluring leather mini-skirt.

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How to mix and match fashion trends Case 4: Masculine with Feminine

Every human being is born with masculine and feminine qualities, and the same goes with women’s wardrobe: there is always a touch of that manly aggressiveness in our clothing style. Power dressing particularly in the corporate world is a blend of masculine and feminine. Doll-up that men-inspired tailored pantsuit with a lingerie-like top underneath. Or when simply feeling tomboyish, match your Sergeant Pepper-style military jacket with denim or white shorts.

How to mix and match fashion trends Case 5: Animal Print with Fur

Wild stripes, spots and Safari patterns have always been a fashion trend that always gets roared back to life. The same goes with fur – be it faux fur or the real deal. Animal prints in fashion inevitably exhibit an impression of raw fierceness and uninhibited wildness, considering the natural ferocity of the feral African animals they are simulated from. To tone down the “hardness” of animal print, a minimal amount of fur can be incorporated in the look. The softness of the fur can help moderate the aggressive of animal prints.

Be brave to mix and match fashion trends. Fashion trends are simply the fundamentals that you can mix and match to create your own unique style.

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