How to Look Parisian Chic for Cheap - How to Look Timeless and Elegant Like the French with Few Frugal Pieces

Parisian chic has long been a style envied and emulated by women across the world. French women are known for their class, elegance and timeless appeal. You too can get the unique look of the Parisian women by investing in a few basic clothing pieces. By putting them together in versatile ways, you can create an effortless chic look that will always be timeless and never go out of style.

Parisian chic refers to a definite look that is classic, timeless yet always trendy. French women are known to be some of the most fashionable in the world. They know how to pair outfits perfectly, while making the entire ensemble look effortlessly chic. Here are ways you too can get their look without breaking the bank.

What you will need:

To carry off a Parisian style, you really only need a few basic items in a couple of neutral colors, that will lend versatility. By choosing your clothing pieces carefully, you can get the maximum use out of them. So, to get started, here are some of the things you will need:

  • Blazer – this could be in a basic color like black or white
  • T-shirts – make sure to get  at least one white and one black t-shirt. Also try to get a t-shirt with nautical stripes, as these are a classic French staple.
  • Shirts – a simple white shirt is classic and timeless. You could also get a navy blue one.
  • Shoes – pumps in colors like black and beige. Also, it is a good idea to invest in a pair of nice black boots. You will be surprised at how versatile these can be.
  • Dresses – a basic black dress will suffice. The simpler it is, the better, because you can accessorize it according to your taste and the occasion.
  • Trouser – a basic black or grey formal trouser should be fine.
  • Skirt – get a grey or black pencil skirt for work wear.
  • Accessories – the French love their accessories. Things like scarves, berets, stoles are always a must in a French woman’s wardrobe.
  • Jeans – French women usually do not wear jeans much. Even if they do, it is usually in a color like navy or a very dark color.
  • Handbag – make sure to get at least two bags, one in basic black and the other in tan. You could also get a bag in a slightly bolder color, for evening wear or for parties.
  • Perfume – get a high quality perfume in a fragrance you like. Even though this particular item can be expensive, consider it as an investment. French women are extremely particular about how they smell.

Some ensemble ideas:

For work, of course, the look needs to be elegant and subdued. Therefore, stick to colors like black, white, navy and beige. You can never go wrong with these colors because they blend in perfectly well with almost every other color. French women love wearing black. Often, they will wear a monochromatic outfit and add in a pop of color with an accessory like a scarf or a handbag. Blazers can be teamed with trousers, jeans and skirts for a most sophisticated look. Teaming a nautical striped t-shirt with a pair of black trousers and black pumps is classic and very chic. There are many ways to wear each of these garments. For example, the basic black dress can be worn to work along with a nice scarf and black pumps, to complete the look.

Hair and makeup:

French women never wear too much makeup. Since they always strive for an effortlessly elegant look, makeup is always understated with an emphasis on highlighting best features. Of course, if you have uneven skin tone, you always need to use a foundation to give your skin a flawless finish. Other than that, red lips are a very French look. Eyes should then be underplayed with just a hint of mascara and nothing else. Hair is also very subtle and elegant. Most Parisian women air-dry their hair and keep it loose. Else they will tie it up in loose, messy chignons for a chic look. Unlike women in other parts of the world who spend endless hours straightening their hair for a perfect look, French women like to keep their look natural. This is what you should be aiming for, if you’re trying to get the Parisian look.

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