How to Find the Right Dress: the Male Perspective

On the male perspective, we don’t know why it is so difficult for a woman to find the right dress. When a girl is finding a prom dress, wedding dress, or a dress for an event, they will stay in one store for more than an hour. When they’re going to a party, they can stay in a mall for a long time. These are things that I think a female should to find the right dress, and it can all happen in one hour.

Based on my experiences of being around a dress story for my female friends, I paid attention to what they do. When you walk in the store, the first thing you do is know your style of clothing. If you love bright clothes, then it’s obvious that you are going to get a bright dress. Find a large list of clothes you see that fits your style.

When you have a list, then you get rid of the clothes that don’t fit your body. I really don’t understand why females try and loose weight to fit a dress. You should be comfortable in your own skin. If you want to lose between one and five pounds, that’s considered acceptable.

When you get rid of the dresses that doesn’t fit you, you should have at least a top five. Every girl I saw, they had a hard time with that. They will pick one dress, and fall in love with it. But then they feel like looking around more, and could obviously forget about the previous dress.

If you like more than one dress, you shouldn’t do that. Continue your way down the list. If you need to, I want you to make a long list. Then when you’re done, go down the list and find your top five. Whatever dresses you have, put the one you are most attracted to. Once you push it, you found your dress.

Now that the choice is made, wear it for anything. Wear it for events, banquets. You can even sleep with your lover in it. Wear that dress until you wore it out. Then again, if you are saving for a special occasion, then I would keep it in the closet for a long time. When you’ve been with your mate for a very long time, there will always be times where you want you to go back in that closet and pull out that dress. Take the dress out and make you feel like ‘Dang, you touch me like you know me.’

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Dorothy Duncan
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Posted on Jan 14, 2009