How to Earn Respect with Your Wardrobe

Attention to style can earn you respect. Dressing in a manor that demands respect does take time and a financial investment. Choose clothing with great details such as big bows, ribbons, subtle beading, decorative buttons, pleating, ruching, and ruffles. Pay attention to structure. Buy clothing with built in accessories.

Instead of looking like you think fashion is a competition at your work place you will just look like you have some amazing clothing pieces, a keen eye for quality, and you pay attention to detail. These apparent skills are transferable and will strengthen the character you are perceived to have.

Buying plain staple garments is a common practice because people are afraid of purchasing the wrong garment. This technique can backfire in one of two ways:

1. You wear these basic garments with simple hair and no accessories which suggests you are lazy and do not care about you appearance. It may also suggest that you lack self confidence.

2. You try to upgrade your plain outfit by adding a lot of accessories and spending a lot of time on an elaborate hair style. This style of dressing is perceived as juvenile and also suggests that you have a quantity over quality mentality.

I know this seems very judgmental but people do think this way. Clothing does make a statement about the person you are and the message you want to send is that you are a confident competent person.

One of the most important things is to keep your jewelry toned down. Wear day makeup and day jewelry. Think about jewelry that is pretty but simple enough to wear with anything. Avoid chunky jewelry and style your hair to look simple and tidy. If your hair style looks like it took up to forty five minutes, this sends the message that you are self-absorbed and your priorities are out of whack.

If you are going out after work do not wear your evening makeup and clothing to work! Apply day makeup that you can build upon at the end of the day instead. Wear whatever bottom you would like to wear in the evening but bring your top to put on later instead of keeping your blazer firmly buttoned all day to hide your sexy blouse, camisole etc.

Buy your garments separately! Outfits that are "matchy matchy" make you look like you do not necessarily care all that much about your appearance. Choose fabrics that compliment each other without being the exact same. If you have difficulty putting different colours together go monochromatic and play with the tonality and saturation of your colour choice.

Its a good idea to dedicate a day to shopping so that you can take the pieces you have purchased from one store to the next in order to see what fabrics look like when they are put together. If you are not sure, inform a sales person that you would like to try on some previously purchased garments to see how they look with pieces in their store.

Buy pieces that are figure flattering without being revealing. Go with the rule of choosing to emphasize the top or the bottom of your body. If you are wearing a form fitting pencil skirt wear a loose flowing blouse or a top that has a high neck line.

When you are trying on clothes do not rush through the process. Put your arms over your head and then bring them back down to see whether or not your tops or dresses fall back into place easily. You do not want to be re-adjusting yourself throughout the work day. It makes you look like you have chosen inappropriate clothing for work, while also making you look nervous and self-conscious. Lean forward to make sure that clothing does not reveal you chest when you bend over. When you go shopping be sure to wear a bra style that you wear most often. This will avoid the hassle of trying to get dressed in the morning and having top after top where parts of your bra can be seen.

Appearances speak volumes before you even get the chance to open your mouth. These are my personal rules for dressing for success. I am a young sales associate and these rules have helped me to achieve a level of respect from clients that I otherwise would not have been granted for at least ten years! Unfortunately, the general public feels competency is gained over time. Trying to be a young proffessional is a difficult game but your wardrobe can make all the difference in the world!


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