How Social Media Has Changed Fashion Week

This articles talks about social media and its effects on fashion week.

Fashion Week has been completely altered, particularly in the last five years, because of social media. Fashion Week, before social media, consisted mainly of events and parties exclusive only to buyers, media, models, celebrities, and designers. Now, the world has been invited to have a front row seat to fashion. What was once only a dream to consumers, has now been made a reality, and fashion is at their fingertips.

Fashion Week is now covered more extensively by the media, due largely to the explosion of social media and social networking sites. In the past, the public had to wait to view photos of runway shoots. Today, however, because of social media, particularly blogs, information can be given out more quickly. The public is able to view, sometimes instantly, what is happening in the fashion world.

One project, called Milk Made, has Live at Fashion Week which has allowed the media to document Fashion Week to everyone. Those in attendance at Fashion Week are asked to submit photos from their mobile phones to for a visual, near real-time record of New York Fashion Week from all over the city. Anyone interested in viewing fashion week now has an exclusive invitation.

This has not only been exciting and beneficial to the public and consumers, but also to big brands who can now boast about and promote their fashions in real time. Brands such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar de le Renta, have made their websites and new fashions available to consumers so they are able to comment on their new looks. Facebook and Twitter have also made it possible for brands to promote their new fashions instantly, allowing consumers the opportunity to see exactly how fashion week has played out.

Social media has also made possible an event called Fashion’s Night Out. This night is an international affair for consumers where they can meet designers and other fashion personalities at different retail venues. For 2011, it will be held in New York and will be an innovative and exciting event.

Life today has been changed so drastically due to social media. It is an exciting time which has made the world available to all with the simple click of a button. Gone are the days of browsing fashion magazines to see what was once available only exclusively, the future of fashion is through social media.


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