Hot New 2012 Fashion Looks

With the Olympics Games approaching, several fashion looks based on athletics have been included in collections for summer and spring.

Hot new 2012 fashion looks show off the midsection. Crop tops and other looks that reveal the belly require toned abdominals. Some show the body part completely while others partially hide the skin under a screen. They shield the midriff with transparent fabric.

Couture shapes are common in many collections. Peplum is used in some outfits to add volume around the hips. This element suits very slim women. Ladies will also see shapeless dresses created in a flapper style. They have a drop waist right around the hips. Dresses with a significant amount of flare at the bottom have also materialized on the runway.

Sandals put together with the discarded skins of tilapia are also chic. The fish membrane is thrown away in the seafood industry. The shoes utilize cork and raffia as well to produce environmentally friendly shoes. Other exotic coverings are on show this season. Bags such as totes and satchels which are made from salmon leather are currently being manufactured by an established designer.

2012 Fashion Colors

Black and white combinations are appearing in many 2012 designs. Bold yellow purses, spectacles and other accoutrements are showing up on the street and the catwalk. Several designers have used these colors in their collections. Sea creatures are also noticeable on shoes and other accessories. Some footwear collections are completely inspired by an underwater theme. This year, floral prints have returned on shorts and pants suits.

Sport Fabrics 

With the Olympics Games approaching, several outfits based on athletics have been included in collections for summer and spring. Performance fabrics are used to sew the apparel, which is designed to highlight the female form. Mesh for active wear has been stitched to create dresses. Glossy track pants are paired with light tops for a typical evening look.

Sport fabrics such as spandex and mesh are made to maximize performance. They help athletes to move freely when they are doing their chosen sport. They a re lightweight however they give the wearer extra support for their muscles and bones. Some of them contain chemicals that help to reduce odor. They also allow the skin to breathe freely. Although they are very durable, they are also quite soft. Some utilize stretch fiber technology developed in the textile science subsector.

 Afrocentric Fabric and Abstract Prints

Afrocentric clothing has returned for spring. Animal patterns and tribal drawings are being used with bed linen, evening gowns and shoes. Khaki jackets and vivid necklaces and bracelets displaying detailed beadwork are some of the hot new 2012 fashion looks for the season. Prints created using digital technology and pieces influenced by abstract art are also going to be popular.

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