Flower Trends For Spring

an article about flower trends.

Certain fashion trends stay the same every season and year. As spring approaches, flowers always seem to pop up in every day fashion trends, and even in the world of couture fashion. Accessories add beauty and flair to any ensemble, and florals are classic way to make the pieces go from drab to fab. Huge flower rings are popular on any red carpet or a best friend's wardrobe. Flowers are like the international welcome symbol of spring. Flower inspired looks are perfect for any girl or woman of any age.

I love accessories, especially ear rings. My ear rings consists of floral inspired jewelry. In spring, I feel most at home because I wear flowers non-stop in all seasons. Flower lovers unite in spring, and it seems to appear everywhere.

Dress designers are adding florals to their gowns like Mila Kunis at the SAG Awards. Her floral dress was by Alexender McQueen, designed by Sarah Burton. Rose inspired jewelry was popular on the recent fairytale film, "Beastly." The main female love interest had rose necklaces worn by Vanessa Hudgens.

Even Hollywood stars have bad hair days. Some girls choose to hide their messy hair days under a hat. Adding flowers to the hair, with make bad hair days, and casual looks seem ready for night or day on any scene. Flowers add beauty and often color to any look. Color is a staple for flowers and for spring's fashion scene. Flowers cover a tangled, messy hair.

Designers love flowers especially Donna Karan and Vera Wang. Weddings are often happen in spring, right when florals are hugely popular. Wedding fashion infuses other forms of fashion as well.

Adding a color to black, white, or gray can make the outfit come alive. Accessories like flowers and flower rings are perfect addition to this vision. Floral prints are popular in dresses like baby doll sundresses or evening cocktail dresses. Flowers work with every texture and style. Flowers vary in shade and design. Flower fashion can be embraced by all cultures, skin tones, and body types.

Since the dawn of time, all classes of people whether royalty or peasants have embraced floral looks. In the 1960's a whole movement and clothing style was based around the flower. Go to any jewelry store, and you find floral-inspired jewelry. Fashion itself is like walking art when you wear it, and flowers represent birth and creation.


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