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Figure Skating is beautiful and revolutionary in the music and dance world but also makes waves in the fashion world. Fashion is inspired by the economic culture, and the surrounding pop cultures. Figure Skating is no different, a viewer can tell what era the skaters are from just by looking at the costume designs. Figure skaters have some of the most beautiful and couture designs in the world. The costumes adds to the artistic vision of the skater and their program. A good costume can elevate the performance from ordinary to pure art. Figure skating is a sport that draws millions of viewers with each competition or show. Fashion plays a key role in its massive audience appeal. Casual skating fans sometimes tune into a skating event more to view the fashion and the costumes than the elements of figure skating.

Michael Jackson's death has caused Michael to return to mainstream idol status again. His music, his art, and his fashion is once again felt on the world's stage and figure skating is no different. Figure skaters of all ages and disciplines are using his music and dancing as inspiration for the skater's programs. Michael Jackson's fashion sense is widely felt on the ice. Many figure skaters are sporting a single glove as part of their costumes as they use Jackson's songs and even when they do not the single glove is often still present. Gloves for both hands seems to have come back full force this season as well. Michael Jackson has given rise to a popularity of the '80's. This '80's surge has affected the fashion world as well as figure skating costumes.

  Body piercings for both men and women have made their way to mainstream fashion. Men's champion, Jeremy Abbott has an upper ear piercing showing that even figure skaters cannot escape popular fashion trends. Most female skaters have multiple ear piercings as well. Tatoos have also made it to the mainstream fashion world, and Olympic gold medalist, Ekaterina Gordeeva has a permanent flower tatoo on her ankle. The world keeps turning out fashion trends, and just like every other medium figure skating must remain cutting edge in technique but with fashion trends as well.

Figure Skating is one medium that takes fashion and its influence seriously. Many skaters have skated to the music of "Swan Lake." The costumes have always been feathered inspired. The film "Black Swan" has allowed swan like costumes to come to the mainstream fashion stage.


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