Fashion Must Have Investment Pieces Part 2

A Woman of style knows what is integral to her wardrobe. Here is part 2 of a list of fashion must have investments pieces that are timeless and enduring as they are elegant and regal.

Perennial words of wisdom tell us that when we only need to buy something once, we should buy the best that we can afford. This is the same rule with fashion. You must have investment pieces – those that are pricey yet of superb quality – that you can always pass on to your friends or children as your fashion legacy. Fashion must have investment pieces are those that have timeless appeal and classic elegance. You can never go wrong with these investment pieces. To acquire these fashion must have investment pieces, you must, first and foremost, be willing to spend big. After all, fashion is not cheap, and investment in style is something to be taken seriously. Here is part 2 of my series on “Fashion Must Have Investment Pieces.

Fashion Must Have Investment Pieces Item 6: Pearls

These smooth bluish-grey gem stones formed by Oysters should be a staple in every woman’s jewelry case. Pearls worn as earrings or as a multi-stranded necklace immediately endow the bearer with regal radiance. The famous 1665 painting, “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer perfectly illustrates how pearls can revolutionize a seemingly plain-faced girl.

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Fashion Must Have Investment Pieces Item 7: A pair of stilettos

There will always be those occasions in your life when you want to be fierce, outrageous and daring; those moments when you really want to make a statement. A pair of death-defying stilettos is just the thing you need. Razor-sharp and towering, you exude lethal allure and attract confidence. A pair of stilettos makes you instantly feel sexy and dangerously naughty at the same time.

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Fashion Must Have Investment Pieces Item 8: Ballet Flats

Let’s face it, not all pairs of stilettos are ergonomically-designed for walking. Aside from the fact that it’s bad for your calf muscles and causes back pains, wearing stilettos may cause accidents from your heel getting stuck on a crack to yourself tumbling down the stairs. In those times when there’s a need for speed and steady-paced walking in perilous terrain, a pair of reliable ballet flats is definitely a fashion must have investment piece. Ballet flats have been inspired by ballerinas. They flaunt the same polished poise and refined grace of those beautiful dancers. Whether you’re doing grocery shopping or lining up for a sale, a pair of ballet flats will keep you looking elegant; and during mad dashes, let you run with flair.

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Fashion Must Have Investment Pieces Item 9: The everyday bag

It doesn’t have to be the “it” bag. It just has to be a masterpiece in craftsmanship and utility. A classic bag should not only look beautiful, but should be functional as well. Every woman should have that one classic everyday bag that she can rely on no matter what. For practicality, it should be at least a medium-sized bag where you can store almost anything. For durability, it should be an all-weather authentic leather bag. For style, go with what appeals to you – be it a handbag or a shoulder bag. Fashion must have investment pieces that won’t break the bank include carefully chosen bags from Coach, Dooney & Burke, and Tod’s, to name a few.

Fashion Must Have Investment Pieces Item 10: White long sleeves

A white long sleeve collared shirt adds a masculine panache to a woman’s look. When you’re feeling like a tomboy or just want to look laid-back, a white long sleeve collared shirt would do the magic. Pair it with a pair of shorts or denims. Wear your sleeves down or rolled up, according to your mood. This fashion must have investment piece will make you look very neat and immaculate.

This list of fashion must have investment pieces should be the building blocks of every woman’s fashion statement, so to speak. They will definitely be the smartest investments she’ll make.

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