Fashion Faux Pas: Disaster in Style

We all have been victims of fashion faux pas disasters. An error in style judgment could be at a cost. Here’s a list of fashion faux pas instances for your better judgment.

Some of us may not be conscious of it, but we have, in one time or another, been victims of disaster in style. Fashion can oftentimes be a very tricky art that requires constant practice and refinement in style judgment. A fashion faux pas is excusable as long as it does not turn into a habit or even a personal style. Saving yourself from another fashion faux pas incident is critical to making you more presentable and more desirable to the world. To get a step away from a disaster, here is a list of fashion faux pas instances for your guidance.

For the horizontally-challenged female

Fashion Faux Pas: Disaster In Style No. 1: Avoid Big Prints

It is dangerous to assume that wearing big prints – whether floral, geometrical or animal – can cover up your tummy or your generous bosom. Anything big worn by overweight females will only accentuate your full-size figure. A definite faux pas! It is a fallacy to assume that in the world of fashion, “BIG PLUS BIG” cancels out each other. That is a disaster. You cannot conceal your large figure by covering yourself with large prints. Choose instead small details or clothes with vertical lines.

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Fashion Faux Pas: Disaster In Style No. 2: Avoid Layering

Again, it is dangerous to assume that wearing layers of clothing will camouflage your full-size figure. This is a very common fashion faux pas. In fact, layering – made worse by choosing sizes that are 2 or more sizes bigger than you – only creates the illusion of more flesh, which in turn equates to looking like a heavyweight disaster. Unless it is freezing or the season calls for the style, choose to wear simple styles of one layered-clothing.

For the vertically-challenged female

Fashion Faux Pas: Disaster In Style No. 1: Avoid pants or skirts that “cut” your legs

Females who are short should refrain from wearing clothing items that prematurely “disrupt” the “flow” of the legs. Those who are short – be they slim or stocky – should not wear Capri pants or skirts/dresses that fall beyond the knees; else, disaster would strike. The “abrupt” edges or boundaries of these items create the visual illusion of having short legs. The goal of every vertically-challenged female is to fool the public into thinking that her legs are longer. Wear long pants that end as close to your ankles. Stick with this style. The consistency of the pants from the waist all the way down to the ankles creates the optical deception of never-ending legs. As for skirts and dresses, the shorter they are, the better. The more legs you reveal, the longer they will look. Pants, skirts or dresses that fall just along your knees are the safest to wear.

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Fashion Faux Pas: Disaster In Style No. 2: Avoid shoes with straps that wrap around your ankle area

In the laws of fashion, it is advisable for short females to wear high heels or platforms to give them leverage. However, they should avoid those shoes that have straps which go around their ankle area or even all around their legs. The same rationale found in the immediately preceding fashion faux pas justify this. Again the straps will cut your legs, breaking off their consistency or their uniformity. Go for your style where shoes only envelope your toe area. The more skin that transitions or follows through from leg to foot, the taller you will look.

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May these basic style tips help you learn from your fashion faux pas disaster. You can avoid disaster by first admitting to yourself that you have been a victim of a fashion faux pas.


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