Fashion Changes the Prom is Next

Formal attire no longer means full length dresses and tuxedo's. Learning to adjust to these changes is important.

Do you remember shopping for your Prom dress, and the excitement of your date being in a Tux?  The good news is that the fashion trends have not changed so much that you miss out on the Tux; but the idea of formal wear is much different today then it was a mere decade ago. If you Google a formal dress you will see that is still is considered a longer or floor length dressy gown but that is not what you see on the girls looking for their prom dresses!

Sure the stores are still full of what was once considered a formal gown, some mid length dresses are still available but the most common you will see on the body of girls doing the big Prom dress search is tiny version of the Cocktail dress. Honestly, if it were not for different types of fabric and some bling it would be difficult for some people to tell the difference in a summer mini dress and today's cocktail dresses, that are now being worn as a formal.

You can not deny that some of these little dresses are just adorable, but will create quite a shock for the mothers that still see a formal as formal.  Parents it is time to adjust!  Some of these dresses are not much more that 2 yards of fabric and priced as if they were the full length rendition of wonderful white wedding. This will take some getting used to.

The classic pump and sling back has yet to loose it's popularity with all the changes to the fashion world.  This does not mean you will see these old time favorites on the paws of the pretties attending the prom.  Get ready to see $200.00 and $300.00 dresses draped on the bodies of your daughter or son's prom date and their tender feet sporting colored thongs or... Converse tennis shoes!  Yes, you heard me right. 

Everyone wants to make their own statement today and if it is done with the fashion they wear then it may not scar them for life.  Just because you personally are terrified about the statement it makes to you does not mean you should hold them back. It may be very difficult for you to send your precious darling out in a dress that costs two paychecks and pair of comfortable tennis shoes, but look at the bright side, it may save a twisted ankle or make the difference in whether your child actually dances at the dance.  Comfort is a big thing today.

Get ready for a wide variety of interests when it comes to the prom dress of 2010.  If it is going to be difficult for you to stand by a watch your child turn our cherished formal dance into a Tea party you may want to consider allowing them to go with someone you trust to guide them but not take over, or send them with their friends who are also attending the Prom.

The important thing to remember is that this is their Prom and they need to enjoy it.  We are from a different time and place, sometimes I think a different planet but non the less they need to enjoy and remember their Prom the way they want.  No one wants to look back at their Prom and say I hate my mom for making wear that dress.


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