Eight Rockabilly Fashion and Beauty Looks to Try:

This article looks at rockabilly fashion and beauty looks to try today.

Rockabilly fashion first came about in the 1950s, during the Rockabilly music movement. It was a stylized, feminine look, characterized by things like full skirted ladylike dresses, red lips and nails and highly coiffed hair dos.  In recent years those who have a love for retro fashion and the pin up girl era have brought back many elements of rockabilly style. This article looks at rockabilly fashion and beauty looks to try today.

Eight rockabilly fashion and beauty looks to try:

1. Polka Dots

Polka dots are synonymous with rockabilly fashion. For a truly iconic look try a polka dot dress with a fitted bust and waist, and a full skirt. Black and white, or red and white polka dots tend to be the most popular.

2. Sailor inspired looks

Clothes with nautical inspired detailing are an iconic rockabilly look. Try styles with feature buttons, stripes and anchor charms.

3. Red lips 

As mentioned, red lips are one of the beauty aspects that characterize rockabilly style. Think bright red lips in blue based tones, rather than anything muted like terracotta reds.

4. Wear an oversized flower in your hair

A big flower in your hair can instantly create a feminine vibe. A lot of Rockabilly icons past and present wear flowers in their hair.

5. Retro bikinis

Retro bikinis have been undergoing a revival lately. Think high waisted bottom styles, skirted bottom styles, and pointy bra cup style tops. The great thing about many of these styles is that they provide more support and coverage, which can be very flattering on the average woman’s figure.

6. Pumps

Women typically wore heels most of the time during the 1950s. A pump can instantly help to create a ladylike appearance. Styles with platforms at the front can be more stable and comfortable.

7. Hairstyles with quiffs

As mentioned hairstyles were quite glamorous in the rockabilly scene and they often featured quiffs. A quiff is a style with lots of volume at the top, front section of the hair. To achieve this look you simply take your bangs or section of hair from the front and teate it until it forms a bump.  If you really want to get into the rockabilly mood, consider wearing a scarf tied around your head behind the quiff and curling the rest of your hair and putting it into a ponytail.

8. High waist Capri pants

Full dresses and skirts are probably a more iconic rockabilly look, but if you like wearing pants, high waist Capri pants are also a part of the rockabilly look. If you want to really embrace the look try pairing a pair of high waist capris with a cropped top or a top tucked in and a belt at the waist.  Remember to wear your capri pants with heels.

For inspiration women like Bernie Dexter, Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani often channel a rockabilly look.


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