Do's and Don't of Bell Bottoms

How to take on the spring trend of bell bottoms like a fashion insider.

Bell bottoms certainly are not a new trend, but they’ve been off all of our fashion radar’a for quite some time lately. Some of us have hardly adjusted to the idea of the skinny jean. So trying to slip something from the total opposite end of the spectrum on, may be a tad hard to swallow. I’m not saying throw out your skinnies, merely that a girl needs options! And I’m about to tell you how to rock the new (I use that term loosely) jean shape.

The Spring Runways are always an excellent place to take inspiration from. Derek Lam, Adam and Etro were just a few of the designers to send this retro classic down the catwalk. The majority of the designers displayed a very modern take on this past time staple. The new shape is fitted throughout the hip and thigh and flared at the knee, just ever so slightly. We don’t want to wonder what you’re smuggling under your jeans though, just enough flare to cover the majority of your foot is perfect. Try a mid or high rise waist. This will play up the vertical lines and further lengthen your legs, and that is never a bad thing! A tucked blouse or bodysuit will keep the silhouette very clean and streamlined. Or show you can demonstrate your fashion knowledge by working this season’s cropped top with your high rise bell bottoms.

There are some don’ts when it comes to working the bellbottom trend. Taking a little from the 70’s is good. Reliving the 70’s in its entirety, not so much. Avoid glittery bell bottom jumpsuits, or bell bottom jumpsuits in general. We are not trying to recreate a Brady Special. The 90’s also took on this trend but moved the flare a few inches lower to just below the knee. That isn’t the sophisticated look this trend is trying to encapsulate. And lastly, no matter how much you think you are a diva pop star, metallic, fringed, flares do not at all equal sophisticated 70’s.

Remember, you don’t need to avoid bell bottoms if you aren’t tall. They are meant to create the illusion of height, so they are especially great for petite ladies. You will want to wear your favorite wedges or the hems of your pants will be flooding your ankle. So with your newfound knowledge, hop out of your skinny funk, and into some funk bells!


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