Clothing Colors for the Autumn-Winter Season

The Autumn-Winter fashion season is upon us, and as the old rule states, no white after labor day. But what is acceptable this holiday season?

Just like with makeup, jewel tones are a must for this season. Those ruby- red pumps you've been eying this month? This is the time to buy them. With the holidays quickly approaching, finding something beautiful and effortless to wear is near impossible. But here are a few tips to make life a little easier.

First off, people with fair skin tones may want to go for paler jewel tones, like pale amber, light pink, and so on. These colors compliment the season without overpowering you. Sage greens and greys work well as complimentary pieces, like leggings, jeans and so forth. Silver always compliments your skin tone, so go sparkly! Even if your clothing is casual, it can go to dressy with just a few pieces of jewelry and a pair of pumps.

Medium skin tones can go for the rich jewel tones, like emerald green and ruby red. Medium tones of purple compliment this skin tone so well. As for jewelry, gold and silver both look good, so people with this skin tone have it really easy when it comes to picking out a glittery piece! Just make sure that when you pick out jewelry to match your outfit that the color compliments the jewelry piece. For instance, while purple is beautiful paired with silver, it would not do as well paired with gold. Keeping this in mind it should be fairly easy to create a fabulous outfit.

For darker skin tones, pale jewel tones look amazing, as do much darker versions of the richer jewel tones. Gold jewelry is a must for you, as silver looks overpowered on darker skin. Dark blue jeans would compliment your skin more than black ones, so keep this in mind when searching for those perfect bottoms. The paler the color of your top, the darker the blue of the jeans. If you keep this in mind, you'll always be dressed impeccably.

Like makeup and everything else, you should always use your best judgement when picking out your clothes. If the color doesn't seem right for you, it probably isn't. So have fun shopping, take a friend, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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Posted on Dec 1, 2008