Carrie Underwood: Fashion Diva with Heart

an article about Carrie Underwood.

In 2005, a young country singer stole America's heart when she became a contestant on the reality television show, "American Idol." The young blonde from Oklahoma climbed all the way to the top of viewers' hot list, and became the first country inspired singer to become the winner of the show. Since her time as winner of the show, Carrie Underwood's music has burned up both the country and pop charts. She has told her audience to embrace their spiritual side while maintaining the good girl with an edge appeal, that makes her a safe bet for all age groups.

Carrie Underwood has grown as a performer, artist, and she has even become a beauty and fashion icon despite her small town roots. This country girl who loves to live down home on the farm has fully embraced her inner Hollywood diva. She has become a regular at every A list music awards show, while even stepping out at various Hollywood hot spots. This girl knows she is going to get her photo taken a thousand times a day, so she always seems to be appear ready for her close up, and camera flash ready.

Whether she is smashing an ex-boyfriend's windshield, or singing about her love for a higher power, she always appears chic, trendy, and sexy without being classless or boring. Stylists rush to dress this song bird turned actress because she mixes classic looks while still appearing and fresh. She has cover girl model looks and wardrobe adds to her beauty icon status.

When she burst on American Idol, she was all about simple jeans and t-shirt looks, more due to small town upbringing, but as she started learning about fashion and style, she got a stylist, and her look went from country cowgirl cleaning out the horse stalls to top Hollywood diva, and icon. While her lifestyle and fashion looks may have undergone changes through the years, her heart and integrity have stayed firmly in their original place.

The country diva is a fierce lover of animals. She is an advocate against animal cruelty, and is a full-time vegetarian. She also loves fashion as a part of her daily life as a public figure, but she refuses to wear clothing and shoes that contain animal products. This is an admirable trait in Carrie Underwood's life and career. She proves that a person can be fashion forward while still holding close their belief systems.


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