Best Bridal Prices Vs. Didobridal: Best Budget Wedding Dresses Comparison

Many brides are looking for ways to save money on their wedding day. One such saving can be made by buying a cheap wedding dress. This doesn't necessarily mean that a bride has to forfeit quality. This report takes a look at two of the cheapest wedding

A wedding is one of the most important days in your life. However, it is also one of the most expensive days. This can lead to many brides and people who are organizing a wedding to look at a variety of options to save money. One such way is to shop online. Online wedding stores often offer items that cost much less than they would on the high street. This does not necessarily mean that they lack in quality, simply that the company can offer quality products at a lower price because they have reduced their manufacturing costs and overheads. While brides may want to buy a dress at a bargain price, they will also want to look stylish on their special day.

This report looks at two budget wedding stores (Best Bridal Prices and DidoBridal) and covers the following issues:

  • What products each store sells.
  • The differentiating features that makes each store has to offer and how each of these features make the site a good choice to buy a budget wedding dress.
  • The pricing at each of the websites.

About Best Bridal Prices

Best Bridal Prices is an online wedding store that offers everything that a bride could possibly need for her wedding at budget prices. It is possible to save a great deal of money by buying your dress from Best Bridal Prices and there is a huge choice of products. The products and services that this site offers are:

Pros of Best Bridal Prices

  • One of the best features of Best Bridal Prices is that here is a wide range of products available
  • The prices are very low in comparison to high street stores and many other online competitors
  • Sizing and style charts are available and these really help customers to make an informed decision about their purchases. It also helps to reduce the number of returns due to sizing issues, as customers are aware of how dresses are sized before buying the dresses.
  • A plus size range of dresses is available. This means that regardless of your size there will be the perfect dress for you.
  • Regular offers and discounts are available so customers can make even greater savings on the already low-cost products.

Pricing at Best Bridal Prices

Pricing is competitive in comparison to other websites. Best Bridal Prices also offer a price match guarantee. This means that if you find the same product on another site for less than the prices that they offer, they will sell you the dress for 5% less than the price on the other site. A good example of a typical price range of dresses that is available is the Impression range of bridal gowns that are sold here. These cost between $45 to $2,331. There are 284 dresses in this range.

About Didobridal

Didobridal is an online retailer of wedding dresses and dresses for other special occasions that offer some of the cheapest gowns available on the internet. This company has an extensive range of products available so regardless of your personal tastes there will be something on this site to suit your style. The product categories that Didobridal sell include:

Pros of Didobridal

  • They cater for all shapes and sizes of bride and have a plus size range of wedding dresses.
  • They offer the option of live chat so that customers can speak to one of their representatives while shopping. This helps customers to make informed choices before making their final purchase.
  • There are a number of options to refine your search and this makes the overall shopping experience much easier.
  • There is the option to have dresses customer made to suit your personal measurements. Often, women are one size around the breast area and another size around the hips. This can make it difficult to buy a dress that is the perfect fit. The option to have a dress custom-made removes this issue as women can provide their measurements and have a dress made in accordance with these.

Pricing at Didobridal

Customers can view the prices at Didobridal in a number of different currencies. This makes shopping easier for international customers, as they do not have to put in the extra effort to convert prices into their own currency. Didobridal have regular sales and promotions on their products that are already extremely low in price in comparison to competitive websites. The different payment options at Didobridal are also an appealing feature. Not only can you pay by a number of different major credit cards, you can also pay via PayPal or Western Union. An example of the typical price range for dresses at Didobridal is the 2013 wedding dress trends range. These are priced betw

een $122.17 and $499.99. There are a total of 307 different designs available in this section.


Both Dido Bridal and Best Bridal Prices have a fantastic selection of dresses and they both cater for plus size brides. Overall, Didobridal offers the most competitive prices and the option to have your wedding dress custom-made is extremely appealing. Furthermore, the payment options and various guides and customer support that are available contribute to making this site the better shopping experience. However, both websites offer different styles and you could equally find the perfect dress for you at either store. The price match guarantee at Best Bridal Prices certainly holds a lot of appeal to customers who choose to shop there.


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