Alexander McQueen: Fashion Designer Dead

An article about Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen is revered in the world of fashion. His work has been hailed as brilliant and enormously creative by fashion's elite. Known for working with everyone from Lady Gaga to Sarah Jessica Parker, he was fashion's hottest designer. In 2009, Alexander McQueen was Lady Gaga's primary designer of choice, for the Video Music Awards. Her music had been prominently featured during his fashion shows. He started working in the fashion world at the tender, young age of sixteen.

McQueen even dressed British royalty creating suits for Prince Charles. He also dressed fashion models like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. Celebrities and the elite rushed to be dressed by the eccentric, couture designer.

His fashion shows have been described as rock concerts turning typical fashion shows on their head. Fashion critics who felt other shows were mundane by the end of the season, always looked forward to the creative world of Alexander McQueen. His shows were not simply about showcasing his collections, but entertaining potential buyers and critics.  His designs were like modern art for the masses. He was the four time winner of the "British Designer of the Year." People have described his designs as emotional and provocative. He put creativity above business or typical rules for being successful in fashion.

He was not afraid to embrace the bizarre, gothic, and extravagant in his designs and shows. The fashion designer created clothes for both sexes, men and women. The British prodigy became known all over the world for his unique design. He seemed like a true artist. His designs did not reflect simply current trends, he always seem like he was a creative force that lived to create outside of the box. He states that he never followed trends, he creates them.

McQueen showcased his dark side through fashion. He did not just stick to clothing but included couture fragrance. The bottles are edgy, beautiful, and they too seem like a work of pure art.

McQueen shocked the entire world when he comitted suicide in February 2010. The woman who discovered also committed suicide as well. He was multi-millionaire, and a true visionary in the field of fashion. He was found dead days before his mother's death, and before his collection was suppose to appear at London's fashion week. His famous work and company continues through Sarah Burton. Many claim his designs will never be replaced or replicated fully again.


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