5 Hottest Hairstyles for Men 2010/2011 - Men's Hairstyles Set to Take the Fashion Scene by Storm

Hottest men's hairstyles in 2010/2011. 5 hairstyles that will be in style in the upcoming seasons.

2010 has seen new men’s hairstyles that have gone back to their retro roots. Some of these trends are expected to continue throughout 2011 while others are making a comeback from the past. Here are the top 5 men’s hairstyles, which will be big on style the next couple of seasons.

Straight Fringe

The fringe is being seen as the biggest style trend amongst men these days. This hair trend was largely seen during 2010 but is expected to continue with variations the next year. The straight fringe has evolved from its previous versions that looked more staid. 2009 saw the men’s straight fringe be very close to the eyebrows but the next year is expected to provide many alternatives in this style. This style is quite versatile as it can be easily adapted to suit different face shapes. The cardinal rule of a fringe on men is to keep the sides and back short while experimenting with the fringe length. The spring summer collection for men in 2009 from Bottega Veneta saw two contrasting fringes belonging to the same straight fringe category. The first was a rather close-cropped straight fringe while the second was a side-swept version, which is more popular amongst men these days.

Wet Fringe

The fringe this season is all about inducing more texture. This can be accomplished by cutting the fringe in light layers. Texture in a man’s fringe allows for more styling options and the hair is kept longer on the fringe thereby clinging on the forehead. This is a classic example of going back to past hairstyles as this style was largely worn by Roman emperor Julius Caesar. The modern textured, wet fringe is created by bringing hair from the crown and temples inwards to the forehead. By using a pomade or matt wax, a textured, wavier effect can be created on the fringe along with a wet look, thereby providing a wet fringe style.

Curly Fringe

The curly fringe is essentially a messed up take on the classic straight fringe. The style was in vogue during 2008 and soon disappeared. 2011 hairstyles for men will tend to focus on styles that are less structured and more on the casual, messed-up look. Hence, the curly fringe is cut creating a curly texture all over the fringe. However, the fringe needs to be long in order to reveal the curls properly. Men with naturally curly hair may not need to use hair products to induce curls and can do with less texture in the fringe as well. However, men with naturally straight hair can cut the fringe much shorter and then use heavy-duty hair curling products to create the desired look.

Slick Back

Classic men’s hairstyles are back in fashion and will continue to dominate the whole of 2011. George Clooney has brought back the slick back hairstyle in vogue. This classic style is extremely retro in its appeal and has been worn by style legends such as Ralph Lauren and most Hollywood superstars of the 40s and 50s. The slick back style will differ based on whether your hair is naturally straight or wavy. Men with straight hair will need more length on the crown while men with wavy hair need a shorter length. The slick back can be with a side parting or without one depending on styling preferences. However, the sides and back of the hair need to be short to carry off this trend well.

Classic Part

Traditional men’s hairstyles are back in vogue and the classic part is another example of this trend. There are several ways to style a regular parting but in the case of the classic style the key is to part the hair sideways. The part can be made wider as seen in Cary Grant or very narrow to provide just a glimpse into the scalp as seen on Duke of Windsor. The classic part can be worn with or without a fringe. One point to note is to stay away from a soft part without a visible line as it tends to look effeminate. The part needs to suit a man’s face shape and the key to making the trend look fashionable is to wear it so it highlights your facial structure. Extreme side parts look best with sharp features and a strong jaw line while a softer slick back style works with most face shapes.

Texture and classic styles are back in fashion when it comes to men’s hairstyles. 2011 will continue to see traditional hairstyles on the runway and off it.



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