11 Fall Fashion Trends for Women in 2010 - Be in Vogue in Fall 2010 with These Latest Trends

Stay trendy with these top fashion trends seen on the runways for Fall 2010. These 10 style trends will help you stay in vogue this Fall.

With Fall 2010 already well under its way, it's time to keep a tab on what's in vogue this season. Here are the top 10 fashion trends you need to ensure to stay in style this Fall.

Military Clothing

Military clothing in Fall 2010 is all about utility and functionality. Hence, unlike the previous season where military styled clothing had decadent lashings, the modern military-inspired clothes are taking cues from men's military-inspired fashion. Army green, navy and grey are the in colors this Fall as jackets and overcoats from most designers tend to revolve around these color palettes. Slim cuts and sleek fits continue to dominate the Fall fashion scene as slim fit clothing remains stylish. It is possible to make this look versatile by combining say an army green structured jacket with a floral dress or a corset, grey overcoat and skinny jeans. Cargo pants are another fashion garment in vogue this season and the look can be worn with a lace fitted top and wide belt for street-chic styles.

Lace Garments

Lace had seen a distinct comeback last season but this Fall 2010, it is about making the lace the center of attention. Hence, lace becomes the garment and not just an accent piece. The focus is on choosing antique lace pieces with a very vintage feel.

Knee-Length Socks

Knee-length boots have become a hot trend this Fall season but unless you have a large array of boots it is impossible to wear them daily. This is where an alternative - the knee-length socks step in. These socks can be purchased in interesting colors You could even purchase mid-thigh length socks in versatile colors to add flair to an ensemble. For example, a pair of striped thigh-length socks can add more appeal to an otherwise subdued outfit.

Camel Coat

The camel coat is an alternative to the trench coat when it is not so cold. Hence, this garment is best suited to Fall and late Winter seasons. The camel coat has always been popular on runways and fashion events and it has recently become in vogue this year.

Button-Up Collars

The button-up collar spells refinement and understated class when it comes to fashion. Irrespective of whether the garment is a shirt dress, business shirt or sheer blouse, the button-up collar is a hot trend this Fall 2010. This trend lends itself nicely to loose hair worn in waves.

Sheer Clothing

Sheer fabrics are back in vogue in Fall and there are two ways to wear them. One way is to wear an entirely sheer garment with appropriate coverage underneath and the other is to use one sheer piece and layer it with a jacket or a high-waist trouser for added sophistication. One word of caution is to never mix lace with sheer garments as that is considered passe this Fall. Since sheer garments are revealing, you would need to exercise care in dressing appropriately.


Capes were high on fashion during Fall last year and this year they make a stronger comeback. Capes can be worn either as a high-fashion piece or as a casual layering piece. Capes are very versatile and can be worn in many different ways to create various looks.


In terms of shoes, Fall fashion will see a comeback of thigh-length boots, kitten heels, clogs and fur boots. Another trend that is picking up is wearing socks beneath high heels. Until now, socks were not considered fashionable to wear beneath heels. This Fall 2010, the socks can be worn under a laced-up boot or high-heel sandal or even an oxford shoe to lend an air of sophistication. The more contrasting the sock color, the more interest it adds to the outfit.


Handbags this Fall are all about utility and functional pieces that last longer in your wardrobe. Therefore, the focus is on owning statement handbags that are functional as well. Some of the trends seen include leather satchels, picture-themed bags, feminine frame bags, fur-trim bags and cross-body bags.

Fall Colors

In terms of makeup, Fall colors will tend to focus on corals, purples, jewel tones, gold-based shadows and body glitters to add more sparkle, olive, pale rose, chocolate and classic reds. Lip colors and eyeshadows tend to revolve around these primary shades this Fall.


Rings are going to be another fashion favorite this Fall 2010. Make sure to wear lots of rings and embellish all your fingers. Do not be afraid to experiment with different rings to accentuate this look. It is all about excesses when it comes to rings, this Fall.

These fashion trends will keep you covered and stylish throughout Fall 2010. It is not necessary to invest in all these trends. Just know what trends work with your style and personality and imbibe those to create a unique fashion statement that is still trendy.


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